3 Distinct Advantages Of Becoming Plastic-Friendly

\"Depositphotos_95572298_s-2015\"There is a growing trend in Canada, as it relates to shopping. Specifically, when it comes to how Canadians pay for purchases, it is quite noticeable that we live in a plastic-friendly society. Credit cards and debit cards are widely used over cash as methods of payment. And this is a trend that seems to be catching on, quite a bit, in the United States. On Forbes.com, TJ McCue writes that customers are practically insisting that merchants accept plastic down south.

He reveals a survey, conducted by WePay “found that 58 percent of small businesses are regularly asked by their customers to accept credit cards. So that tells me that many are still missing out on potential revenue by accepting credit cards.” Are you missing out on the potential revenue that can be made when credit cards and debit cards are accepted? If so, it may be time to change your thinking about plastic.

Here are three distinct advantages to becoming plastic-friendly:

1. It satisfies customer preferences. To reiterate our previous point, there is a large number of Canadians walking around with no cash on them at all. Among the many reasons this choice is so popular is the fact that losing money or having it stolen doesn’t create the same harrowing frustration as it used to. Credit cards and debit cards can be replaced. Once cash is gone, it’s gone. These days, consumers expect to be able to pay with plastic. It’s a need that must be met.

“Providing the option to pay with a credit card is becoming less a courtesy and more an expectation,” informs Anita Campbell on SmallBizTrends.com, “Customers are more likely to do business with you if you accept the form of payment that offers them the most convenience and flexibility. Especially when dealing with big-ticket items, consumers appreciate the ability to pay up front with a credit card and pay off their purchase over time.”

2. It speeds up transaction times. Gone are the days when your customers should be fumbling for change and counting their bills. The same goes for the cashiers who work at your checkouts. Counting change is both an annoying and time-consuming task. And the bottom line is that it’s no longer necessary. The swiping of a credit or debit card makes change counting a thing of the past. This all makes for more much quicker checkouts.

“Customers do not like wasting time when making purchases,” insists Alexis Writing on Chron.com, “When shopping, they want their transactions completed immediately. Having a credit card facility will help you achieve this. Customers who are allowed to use credit cards may be more engaged in shopping and will tend to look positively at your business. With more convenient payment options, more customers will be attracted to the efficient and reliable services of your business.”

3. It allows you to establish an online business. Does it need to be stated that online shopping is an extremely popular phenomenon in 2016? For many years now, shoppers have been choosing to surf the internet over entering the malls in order to find products that are to their liking. By accepting credit cards, you can join the ever-growing list of companies that allow their customers to make purchases from their websites.

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