3 More Reasons To Accept Mobile Payments

\"BeautifulIn our last blog, we listed a few reasons as to why it would be wise to turn your smartphone into a POS terminal. However, we’re not even sure we need more than one reason. Just consider the fact that you, most likely, carry your smartphone with you everywhere you go. Most people do. If so, you have the ability to carry around a POS terminal in your pocket, giving you the ability to accept payments from customers anywhere, at any time!

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer Canadian business owners the ability to turn their smartphones into POS terminals through our VirtualMerchant Mobile service. It enables business owners to accept payments without boundaries. We consider this great service an innovative offering for businesses of any size. But just in case you’re not yet convinced that mobile points of sale are for you, read on.

Here are three more reasons to accept mobile payments:

1. It will save you money. Perhaps, this is the benefit that will intrigue you the most. After all, most business owners are aware that to make money, it needs to be spent wisely. Not going overboard on advertising costs, for example, is a key ingredient to success. Mobile points of sale also help to cut costs as it relates to payment processing. On UseOfTechnology.com, Karehka Ramey explains further.

“Running a business is expensive and saving money wherever possible is important,” she notes, “A mobile POS terminal can help save a lot of money compared to a traditional system. Depending on what peripherals you get and what software you’re using, a traditional POS terminal can cost multiple thousands of dollars…mobile POS systems usually take any licensing, support, and upgrade fees and roll them into one inexpensive monthly payment.”

2. It helps you to accommodate the growth of your business. The intention of all business owners is to have their businesses grow, is it not? The larger your business gets, the more it will need to meet the demands of its customers. For example, mobile payments allow you to add a delivery service as an added feature of your business. You can eliminate the need for customers to have to come to your store to pick up their purchases with this new service added to your repertoire.

By turning your smartphone into a POS terminal, you’ll be able to accept payments at your customers’ doorsteps. These sentiments are communicated by Jacques Guérin on Ingenico.com. “While many emerging markets merchants operate at low transaction volume, the hope of course is that they will grow,” he writes, “The more advanced mPOS solutions can accommodate a wide range of merchant sizes, and can scale to meet a merchant’s growing business needs.”

3. It makes payment processing a less bulky experience. “Traditional POS systems are usually large, bulky things of plastic or metal,” believes Ramey, “They take up a good deal of counter space and look like some weird version of a computer. Using an iPad as your POS terminal presents a sleek and slim aesthetic, and any peripherals can be entirely hidden under the counter. The aesthetics of an iPad POS terminal cannot be beat.”

Whether you have an iPad, iPhone, Android or any other mobile device of your preference, using it to accept POS payments is bound to boost your business. Not only is this innovation one that will please your customers, it will make your life easier as well. Contact Canadian POS Corporation to learn more about our VirtualMerchant Mobile service today! You can call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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