3 More Reasons You Should Use An Ecommerce Solution

\"CanadaIn our last blog, we revealed how rapidly online shopping is growing in Canada. It’s an increasingly popular way for Canadians to shop, as the convenience of using a computer instead of physically visiting a store is hard to compete with. As we pointed out, statistics are showing that with each passing year, more and more Canadians are spending money online. So, it should go without saying that your business should incorporate an eCommerce solution.

Here are three more reasons why:

1. You stand to greatly increase your sales. As mentioned, Canadians are increasing their online shopping more and more each and every year. By offering your customers the ability to make purchases directly from your website, you essentially guarantee that you will be increasing your sales. On eMarketer.com, it is made clear that the projected amount of online sales in Canada is bound to reach nearly $30 billion this year!

According to the website, “retail ecommerce sales in Canada reached C$25.37 billion ($22.97 billion) last year, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of digital sales in countries around the world, and will rise 16.8% to C$29.63 billion ($26.83 billion) this year. With total retail sales in the country growing at around 2% annually throughout our forecast period, and digital commerce expected to make double-digit gains during the same time period, retail ecommerce will increase as a share of the total from 5.9% this year to 8.2% in 2018.”

2. Canadians love using mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the norm in Canada. And just like online sales, the very devices that allow Canadians to shop online are growing in popularity. With each mobile device being used in Canada, your business is opened up to an entirely new possibility of making a new customer. This is pointed out by Matthew Brown on PFSweb.com.

“With the urban nature of many Canadians, mobile and tablet ownership remains prominent in the country,” he writes, “According to the Retail Council of Canada, almost 25% of online retail transactions are happening on mobile or tablet devices. The strong and growing presence of mobile and tablet devices in Canada has led to more application and responsive design initiatives by brands compared to other countries.”

3. The convenience that eCommerce provides Canadians can’t be beat. Obviously, the major difference between traditional shopping and online shopping is that the shopper doesn’t have to leave his or her home to both order and receive a purchase. However, Brown points out that the variety of options that are made available to consumers through online shopping make the experience that much more convenient.

“With most of the Canadian population located in urban areas and the high prices associated with coast to coast shipping, omni-channel initiatives have been popular investments in Canada,” he notes, “Ship to store and store pickup offerings have worked well to change the mindset of Canadian shoppers to become more accustomed to shopping online without immediately losing the physical retail store experience.”

There is no doubt that eCommerce in Canada will only continue to grow in popularity. It’s important to be part of this wave. Canadians love the convenience of online shopping. To significantly increase sales at your business, you’ll want to offer your customers this convenience. For more information on Canadian POS Corporation\’s eCommerce solution, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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