3 Nifty Ways To Boost Your Gift Card Sales


Gift cards sell themselves. Well…not exactly. Are gift cards wildly popular all throughout the year? Yes. There’s no question that Canadian consumers buy gift cards in droves, especially during the holiday season. However, it’s important that all businesses that make gift cards available to their customer bases advertise that those gift cards are for sale.

Looking for some ways to boost your gift card sales? Here are three nifty ideas:

1. Engage in good old conversations with your customers.

Even in the era of smartphones and social media, nothing beats the face-to-face conversation. It’s important that you put efforts into getting to know the people who enter your store. Remember that many consumers look for worthwhile experiences – not just great products – when they are doing their shopping. Begin conversations and get to know people. And, while you’re at, don’t forget to mention that you have gift cards in your store.

On Groupon.com, Monika Jansen advises store owners to fill their customers in on the main reasons to buy gift cards. “The recipient can select their own gift; they are convenient; they are easy to send to family and friends across the country…and they make it easy for the giver to stay within a budget,” she writes, “Emphasize these points when promoting your gift cards, as they are music to the buyer’s ear!”

2. Create a special promotion surrounding your gift cards.

Gift cards are great because they get customers to pay you for items that haven’t officially been sold yet. So why not reward those who spend up to a certain amount in your store on gift card purchases? Run a special promotion that offers customers special discounts on their next purchases or some sort of freebie if they buy a particular number of gift cards all at once.

On PlasticPrinters.com, Katie offers up this idea: “Offer customers an extra $25 when they purchase $100 worth of gift cards. This encourages your customers to ‘consolidate’ their gift card shopping to one location — either because they have an extra present to give, or because they want to spend the $25 on themselves!”

3. Sell your gift cards directly from your website.

We don’t have to highlight the importance of investing in an e-commerce solution, do we? Okay, allows us to reiterate that the world lives online and your business should be no different! Why not allow your customers to make purchases directly from your company website? And while you’re at, why not make gift cards available to your online shoppers? On Inc.com, Tamara Schweitzer explains how this is an especially lucrative idea during the holidays.

“Do not underestimate the role that convenience plays in the purchasing of gift cards during the holidays,” she insists, “While not everyone buys their gifts online, most people will at some point be browsing the Web for gift ideas during these final weeks, and the more they come across your website while shopping, the better.”

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