3 Promotions That Will Help Boost Your Holiday Sales

\"\"The holiday spirit is already in the air! Most Canadian retailers have their places of business all decked out in red and green. The Grinch, a Christmas film released just this past Friday, is already on its way to becoming a big box office hit. And children all across Canada are in the midst of composing their wish list letters to Santa Claus – who, by the way, will be making an appearance in Toronto this coming weekend at the annual Santa Claus Parade.

As a business owner, there is certainly no time to waste in the “holiday promotions” game. If you haven’t yet gotten your holiday marketing strategies underway, make this week the week when they launch!

Still looking for some ideas? Here are three promotions that will help to boost your holiday sales:

1. A “Dig In Before The Deadline” Sale.

You don’t necessarily have to use that title. But the point of your sale should be to create a sense of urgency in your customers. Yes, you still have another six weeks until Christmas arrives, but that doesn’t mean you should run your promotions for that length of time. Launch a sale that informs your target audience of a deadline. “Sale ends next week!” slogans should help to encourage more immediate purchases from your supporters.

“Behavioural psychologists have found that urgent situations cause people to suspend deliberate thought of procrastination and persuade them to act quickly,” informs Syed Balkhi on Inc.com, “Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to entice your customers to purchase your products during the holiday season. No one likes to miss out on a cool offer. When you put a deadline on a specific action, people automatically lean toward taking that action without hesitation.”

2. A “Saw It On Social Media” Sale.

We’re not sure how many times we’ve heralded the power of social media to promote your store. But it doesn’t mean we’re about to stop any time soon! Jump on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like to market your holiday sale and offer special codes not available anywhere else. This will help to encourage your social media friends and followers to make purchases using those discount codes, while also growing your online following.

Balhki also suggests you re-design your social media pages with holiday themes. “Updating your social media properties with a holiday feel is the best way to keep your brand relevant in the holiday season,” he writes, “A complete overhaul isn\’t necessary. You can bring small changes like updating your brand\’s profile image and posting holiday-themed messages to help associate your brand with the holiday sales you offer.”

3. A “Free Shipping” Sale.

It goes without saying that your online sales are bound to grow in the weeks to come. They can grow to levels you’ve never before seen if you offer your online customers free shipping when their purchases are above a certain amount.

“Shoppers always appreciate free shipping,” insists Gary Nealon on Forbes.com, “According to a ComScore study, more than half (58%) of shoppers have purchased more items just to qualify for free shipping, and 83% are willing to wait an extra two days for delivery as long as shipping is free.”

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