3 Reasons To Allow Customers To Buy From Your Website

\"YoungIt doesn’t have to be the holiday season for online shopping in Canada to be popular. Here we are, smack dab in the middle of summer, and people are still shopping online. Perhaps, it’s because most of us travel everywhere with our smartphones. The ability for us to make purchases via the internet is right in the palms of our hands every day! Is your company website allowing for customers to buy from you?

According to Canada Post, “more and more Canadians are shopping online for everything from fashion and health and beauty products to hardware.” They should know. They’re the ones delivering all of the gifts that people purchase online! On their website, they go on to note that “shopping online can’t be beat for convenience and savings.” So why not provide that convenience to your customers?
Here are three reasons to allow customers to buy from your website:

1. It offers the convenience of super quick browsing. Not everyone in the world enjoys shopping. Many consumers find the whole “looking for a gift” thing a very taxing and time consuming task. Going online to look for products allows shoppers to jump from one site to the next in a much quicker time than it would take to walk in and out of stores in the mall. When you allow for consumers to buy from your website, you save them a lot of time.

This is something they’ll certainly be thankful for. Canada Post actually encourages shoppers to do both their browsing and their shopping online. “Don’t roam aimlessly around the mall unable to find the products you’re looking for,” says their website, “Avoid trying to find a sales person to see if your product is in stock. Find your favourite perfume, sports equipment, or makeup brand online.”

2. You can sell internationally. When you “open your doors” to the online world, you open your business up to an entirely new customer base. It’s one that spans worldwide, provided that you are willing to ship to foreign countries. If you’re looking to expand your audience and make a bigger impact in your industry, selling your products online is certainly the way to go. As you may have expected, Canada Post champions this idea.

You may not like this piece of advice very much. But they encourage Canadian shoppers to purchase from international retailers – all the more reason you shouldn’t allow your brand to get left in the virtual dark! “You are no longer limited to what you can find in your local mall!” reads CanadaPost.ca, “Do you want that bottle of wine you saw in France? Those great shoes from Italy? Look up the brand or product and chances are someone, somewhere online will have it for sale.”

3. It enables you to add additional perks to the buying experience. Many retailers decide to make online shopping extra beneficial for their customers. Free shipping is just one example that Canada Post points out as a reason that many choose to hit the internet for their favourite products. Now, who doesn’t like getting things for free? It certainly encourages people to buy online if they are getting such freebies.

“Many online shops offer free shipping to your home or nearest post office,” says Canada Post, “You avoid heavy bags, awkward parking and expensive home delivery from a brick and mortar store.” If your company has yet to adopt an e-commerce solution, Canadian POS Corporation has got you covered. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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