3 Reasons To Go With A Wireless POS System

\"\"These days, it seems as if just about everything is wireless! Practically everyone owns a mobile phone and tablets are all the rage. You don’t even have to plug in speakers in order to blast your music as Bluetooth technology allows wires to be a thing of the past. So why can’t the same concept be alive and well in your store? With wireless POS terminals, it can!

Here are three reasons to go with a wireless POS system:

1. You can process sales anywhere in the store.

How amazing would it be to be able to bring your point-of-sale system directly to the customer? We have the answer for you. Pretty amazing! With wireless POS terminals, you can do away with line ups at the checkout, if you wish. Instead, you can process payments anywhere you like. You can significantly increase the convenience factor in your store much the same way restaurants do by bringing the machines directly to the tables for patrons to pay for their meals.

“POS systems are of great benefit to the customer as well,” reads RushStarWireless.com, “These systems transcend the positional limitations of the cash register, allowing salespeople to meet the customer where they are. There is no more searching for an open register or standing in line. This brings the customer’s purchasing experience to a whole new level, and offers sellers the ability to get in front of potential buyers right when they are primed to make a purchase.”

2. You can make better use of the space in your store.

Branching off of that last point, it bears repeating that wireless POS systems can help you to diminish long lines at the cashier. What this does is open up the floor space in your store so that it can be put to better use. Potentially, this can allow you to set up new product displays near your checkouts which will encourage more impulse buys.

“Overhead is one of the largest barriers to business expansion,” says RushStarWireless.com, “Wireless POS systems can drastically cut the need for expanding overhead requirements. With no more need for cash registers, desk space, and floor space to accommodate long customer lines, the business owner is free to focus on inventory and free-standing salesmen. There is no longer any spatial limitation to the amount of sales that can be conducted at one location.”

3. You can develop your delivery business.

Do you deliver items straight to the doors of your customers? If not, a wireless POS system will allow you to add this awesome wrinkle to your business. In the past, delivered items needed to be invoiced or processed at a time and place other than the point of delivery. Today, payments can be processed immediately, on the spot, with wireless terminals. Food delivery businesses have especially benefitted from this fact.

Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to learn about how you can be set up with a new wireless POS system. We offer the Verifone VX 680, which is an all-in-one mobile solution efficiently and securely processes transactions anywhere. For more information, you may also email us at info@localhost.

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