3 Reasons To Sell Gift Cards Post-Holiday Season

\"stackOkay, so we’re now a couple of weeks removed from the holiday season. And, because of that, there is a noticeable difference taking place within stores and shopping malls. The merchants who sold gift cards during the holiday shopping season are meeting new customers at a far higher rate than those who did not sell gift cards during the holidays. Gift cards are, arguably, the best types of referrals people can get for your business. Do you sell them?

Don’t worry that the holiday season is behind us. There’s literally no time of year when selling gift cards is a bad idea. Remember that there are always reasons for people to give gifts. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations – you name it! And, it should go without saying, that gift cards are some of the easiest presents to give. They make for the perfect never-have-to-be-returned gifts. But here are three other reasons that you should sell them in your store.

1. You will bring in new customers. As mentioned, gift cards make for great referrals. Each time one is purchased in your store, it’s as good as that customer recommending your business to someone else. When that person arrives in your store to redeem his or her gift card, it gives you the perfect opportunity to provide reasons for your new customer to remain loyal. Gift cards are also ideal for promotional mailings, charitable donations and come-back rewards.

“As soon as I started selling gift cards, I found that there were a lot of people who were interested in them,” reported one of our clients recently, “They sold pretty quickly and I noticed how happy people were that I had them available. Every time someone comes into my store with a gift card, I smile because I know that someone else felt that my business was cool enough for them to recommend it.”

2. You will increase your sales. It is well known that gift card users generally spend more than the value of their cards. So not only will you be welcoming in new customers, but they will be likely to spend more in your store than they normally would. In fact, research has shown that gift card recipients spend about 25% more than the value of their cards. As well, you can use gift cards to refund customers on returns. That way, the money stays in your store!

“I would say that the majority of the time, people spend more than what they have on the card,” commented our client, “Sometimes, it’s a lot more and sometimes it’s a little. Either way, the gift cards make it easy for them to spend more money because they’re basically getting a discount anyway so what do they care? A lot of my customers say that the gift cards make shopping a lot more convenient too.”

3. You will get repeat business. Satisfied customers are regular customers. When you make your customers happy, they are not only likely to return, but are likely to bring others with them as well. When you sell gift cards, you give people great reasons to keep coming back. They know that they will be able to not only shop for others very easily, but they will also be able to get whatever they want when they receive the cards as gifts themselves.

“I’ve gotten to know a few of my regular customers pretty well throughout the years,” our client offered, “and they were the first ones to buy my gift cards. Now, when new people come in with the cards, I’ll actually ask them who they got them from and they’ll tell me. It’s a great feeling. Plus, it ends up making me new friends that now come into my store on a somewhat regular basis. Selling gifts cards has been great!”

And it can be great for you too! Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to order your gift cards today!

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