4 Benefits To Going Wireless In Your Restaurant

\"WaiterCanadians love using their credit cards. Just ask around. They are convenient to carry around, lightweight and practically unnoticeable compared to cash. They are also great for protecting customers against fraud. And that goes for everyone. Even the President of the United States, Barack Obama discovered this when his rarely-used credit card was declined at a New York restaurant last week!

As CBC News reports, the President’s credit card company was attempting to protect him from credit card theft. And although this can be an annoying circumstance – even for “the leader of the free world” – it’s one of the many benefits to using credit cards. You see, when cash is lost or stolen, it’s generally gone forever. However, a lost or stolen credit card can be cancelled and replaced. As well, fraudulent charges are not the responsibility of the cardholder.

As a business owner, accepting credit cards means that you are providing your customers with added benefits. And this is especially true for restaurant owners. Not only do you have the option of accepting plastic, but you can do so using wireless terminals. This greatly benefits your customers in many ways. In today’s blog, we’ll look at four benefits to using wireless terminals in your restaurant.

1. Fraud protection. As President Obama discovered himself, everyone is liable to be a victim of fraud. So when you use wireless terminals in your restaurant, you help for your customers to enjoy greater peace of mind. This is because wireless terminals can be brought right to the tables. It avoids having your servers take the credit cards from their customers to go into the back of the restaurant to a traditional POS terminal. As a result, the credit card is never out of sight.

2. Quicker turnarounds. One of the keys to a successful restaurant is being able to serve as many customers as possible. The quicker you’re able to serve your hungry patrons, the quicker they will be able to pay for their meals and vacate their tables to allow for more customers to eat in your establishment. When you use wireless terminals, you allow for quicker transaction times enabling you to serve more people and make more money!

3. Customer satisfaction. People like things to be made easy. Previously, customers had to relinquish their credit cards and then sign slips including the tip amounts. It was a process that had one step too many. Wireless terminals allow for a one-step process where customers insert their cards and punch in a few digits to complete their transactions within seconds. This, of course, also makes life easier for your employees.

4. Greater brand acceptance. When you embrace modern technology, it shows that your brand is keeping up with the times. People can easily tell when a company’s systems are outdated. Give your client base the understanding that you are a forward-thinking, modernized brand that is “hip” to all of today’s advances. One of the ways in which you pull this off is by using wireless terminals that accept chip cards.

Canadian POS Corporation’s Pay At Table services involve the Ingenico iWL220B. It is known throughout our industry as the ideal terminal for any environment where a business owner needs to bring the point of payment to customers. Not only does this benefit restaurant owners, but it helps delivery personnel, beauty salons and many other business types as well. Contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to learn more today!

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