4 Favourite Credit Card Perks

\"credit\"We all love perks! Any chance to score with a freebie, discount or promotional deal is usually the mark of a good day. Credit cards, as we discussed in our last blog, provide many conveniences to customers. As a result, credit cards provide many benefits to business owners too. The more a customer uses a credit card, the better. That is, of course, unless you don’t accept plastic.

What are the perks of using a credit card? In our last blog, we outlined several. But as Hope Nardini writes on MoneyCrashers.com, “swiping a piece of plastic is easier than counting out the change, and gives buyers less time to change their mind about making a purchase.” Let’s go through a few more of the perks that credit cards offer their customers so that you’re better acquainted with why you should accept them.

Retail Store Discounts. According to Nardini, “Visa, MasterCard, and American Express negotiate with merchants to offer exclusive discounts for their cardholders, but many people aren’t aware of these deals. Some credit card companies will even give you bonus rewards points for shopping through their online marketplace with their card.” Are there deals you can offer your clients who use plastic?

This can go a long way in making your customers happy. As we’ve mentioned a number of times in the past, credit card usage provides more value to each purchase than cash. Rewards points aren’t given out for any cash purchase we’ve ever heard of. And special discounts for cardholders can’t be taken advantage of if you’re not a cardholder. Get in on giving your customers more by accepting plastic.

Extended Warranties. Perhaps you sell items that offer warranties. When customers pay for such items with their credit cards, their credit card companies often offer extended warranties, making the deal that much sweeter. In fact, most credit cards will do this free of charge, only making it more worthwhile to shop in your store. By not accepting credit cards, you lose out on customers who feel safer with greater protection.

Price Protection. Nardini also notes that items purchased with credit cards are eligible for price protection plans offered by credit card companies. Many of them reimburse customers up to several hundred dollars if a print ad is found advertising the exact same item for less. Now, it’s also up to you to offer price match promotions if you choose to. But if credit card companies are willing to do it for you, why not let them?

Return Protection. The same thing goes for making returns. Nardini shares a story about how her credit card helped her with the return of a clothing purchase. “I brought it back to the store the next day with the receipt and the tags still attached,” she details, “however… it was considered ‘special occasion wear’ and the store would not allow me to return it. If I had known about the return protection perk, I could have been reimbursed through my credit card.”

Offer your customers these perks. The best part about it is that you don’t actually have to offer them yourself! Allow the credit card companies to do their job. All you have to do is accept credit cards as methods of payment at your place of business. Your customers will thank you in droves. Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to get set up with a new terminal today!

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