4 Ways A Merchant Cash Advance Helps To Grow Your Small Business


Have you ever needed money to invest in your business only to be turned down by the bank you’ve been doing business with for years? Have you ever needed money to invest in your business only to be too afraid to even go to that bank to ask for a business loan? Most Canadian business owners answer “yes” to both of those questions.

This is unfortunate because small business owners are the backbone of the Canadian economy. When small business owners are able to grow their businesses, they are able to better serve the members of their communities and help for the national economy to be strong. When banks don’t approve small business owners for business loans, it makes growing the economy a lot harder.

Canadian POS Corporation is proud to offer an alternative to bank loans. Our merchant cash advance program enables small business owners to attain the extra working capital they need to grow their businesses within 24 hours. The process by which they are approved is completely different than the ones banks use. We don’t check credit. We don’t ask for collateral. We simply review the monthly credit card and debit cards sales made by the business.

But how can a merchant cash advance help to grow your small business? Here are four ideas:

1. Renovate your store.

This is a very popular way to spend a merchant cash advance. To keep things fresh and regularly up to date, Canadian business owners often revamp the looks of their stores or find other ways to improve the images of their businesses. Without the working capital to renovate, many businesses become regarded as “outdated” and start losing members of their customer bases.

2. Launch a new advertising campaign.

What’s a business without its customers? And how does a business attract customers? Advertising, of course. Your marketing campaign doesn’t have to be huge – but it does have to be clever. No matter if you decide to invest in billboards, radio spots, magazine ads, a social media campaign, online videos or even television commercials, you will certainly need money to do so.

3. Expand!

If you’re looking to open new locations for your store, increase your product line or begin to service a worldwide audience via e-commerce, you’ll also need the working capital to get this plan off the ground. Many small business owners in Canada have grown their respective brands through expansion. It has helped for their companies to remain relevant and it has also increased the sizes of their customer bases by allowing them to serve larger portions of the population.

4. Manage emergency situations.

Things are bound to pop up that you don’t expect. Many business owners experience flooded basements after the melt of a winter snowfall. Many others have had to replace stolen equipment or repair damaged storefront windows. Naturally, attaining quick money is necessary when you have to make repairs or address an emergency situation that has come out of nowhere.

No matter your reason for needing money, we are here to help. For more information about how our merchant cash advance program works, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost. We can offer you a free, no obligation quote so you know exactly how much money you can be approved for and exactly what the cost of the merchant cash advance will be.

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