4 Ways To Boost Holiday Sales Online

\"OnlineWith the holidays fast approaching, retailers from all over Canada are about to experience their busiest times of the year. And that’s a good thing, of course. What business doesn’t like the sound of their cash registers ringing more often than usual? Well, by today’s standards, there is less ringing of resisters and more punching in of PIN codes – but you get the picture. When the holidays arrive, shopping picks up big time!

However, Canadian retailers have been noticing a new trend in recent years. Sales still go through the roof each November and December, but they don’t necessarily come exclusively as a result of extra visitors in stores. As most people know, online shopping gets increasingly popular with each passing year. This is especially true during the holidays when people would much prefer to shop in the comfort of their own homes instead of crowded malls.

Does your business allow its customers to shop online? If not, it’s definitely a good time to consider Canadian POS Corporation’s Ecommerce solutions. Not only are you bound to increase sales, but you will certainly open your business up to a whole new long line of customers who you may never meet in person. And that’s because one thing is for sure. Canadian shoppers love shopping online!

On BusinessWeek.com, Karen E. Klein writes that there are some ways to boost your online sales during the holiday season. Naturally, you’ll want to make as many sales as you can while customers are in the shopping mood. So yes, you should begin to accept payments online if you haven’t already. But you’ll also want to take steps in promoting the fact that you offer this option. Here are four tips provided by Klein.

1. Spruce up your website. “Nearly 60 percent of consumers plan to do at least some of their holiday shopping online this year,” reports Klein. So you know that many people are already planning to be using the internet instead of the shopping mall to make their purchases in the coming weeks. It would be in your best interests to revamp your website in such a way that it makes clear that your company allows for easy online shopping experiences.

2. Stay true to your values. By beginning to sell your products online, you’re not pretending that you’re something you’re not. Stay focused on the elements of your business that has brought you the success that it has so far and don’t lose sight of them. To be more specific, you may not be able to compete with some of the larger corporations in terms of price and timely shipping. But offering online shopping can help to strengthen the customer relationships you’ve already made.

3. Extend your hours. According to Klein, “online shopping is expected to represent more than $100 billion in holiday sales this year, but consumers will spend at least $500 billion more at brick-and-mortar retailers. They won’t do it in your store if it’s not open when they’re shopping. Consider opening early and staying open late during December.” Obviously, online shopping doesn’t replace traditional shopping. Provide as much incentive for shoppers to choose you this year.

4. Spread the cheer. Speaking of that added incentive, is there something extra that you can provide your online shoppers when they make purchases via your website? Perhaps a free giveaway is in order. After all, this is the season of giving, isn’t it? “People love freebies, so consider giving something away with certain purchases,” advises Klein. It’s a great way to spread holiday cheer and give your company a favourable public impression.

Be sure to check back for our next blog as we continue to take a look at Klein’s list of tips. And for more information on Canadian POS Corporation’s Ecommerce solutions, call 1-877-748-2884 today!

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