5 Benefits Of The Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G

\"img-iwl250-5\"Laptops, tablets, smartphones and even the age-old cordless phone all have something in common other than being today’s most popular communication devices. They’re all wireless! And although we stated that we’re living in an “online world” in yesterday’s blog, it’s just as fair to say that that world is a wireless one as well. So why should it be any different when you accept payments from your customers?

Who says that your POS terminal has to be plugged into the wall all day long? Just last Friday, we blogged about the many benefits of the Ingenico Telium2 iWL220B. It is popularly used as a Pay At Table solution for restaurant owners. Incredibly handy and multi-functional, this wireless device makes the acceptance of all credit cards and debit cards incredibly easy for both restaurant servers and customers alike.

Of course, you don’t have to be the owner of a restaurant in order to take advantage of a wireless POS terminal. No matter what type of business you own, a wireless terminal can come in very handy. Our Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G is known as a mobile payment solution for “payments on the go”. It’s an all-in-one device with a compact ergonomic design that efficiently and securely processes transactions anywhere!

Here are five benefits of the Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G:

1. It supports a full range of payment types. The Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G supports all credit cards types – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express – as well as Interac debit cards. It’s accepts EMV “chip” cards so that customers can easily punch in their PIN codes to complete their transactions quickly. It also has integrated contactless technology that allows for the convenience of “tap and go” payments.

2. It has a long battery life. When you are working throughout your day, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your POS terminal is going to run out of juice. The Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G ensures that you have enough power to get you through any busy work day. This is especially important on those days when you are very busy. Obviously, the more transactions the better – and this terminal can handle them all!

3. It is excellent for making deliveries. One of the greatest aspects of the Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G is that it doesn’t even require your customers to come to your store. If your company makes deliveries, you no longer have to worry about accepting cheques or having your payments delayed in any way. You can have your delivery personnel bring the terminal directly to the customer’s doorstep in order to secure the payment on the spot.

4. It accepts gift cards. Earlier this week, we reminded you of a number of reasons that you should be selling gift cards. Among them are the facts that they have been known to increase sales, encourage repeat business and grow your customer base. With the Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G, you can process gift card sales at any place, at any time. Selling gift cards provides you with many benefits. But being able to process gift card sales with a wireless terminal makes the experience all the more beneficial.

5. It shows that you’re keeping up with the times. Okay, so it’s time for a little brutal honesty. If you’re not using a wireless POS terminal, your customer base is bound to notice that your brand is somewhat outdated. To put it plainly, wireless is the way to go. These days, it’s practically an expected perk of making purchases from any company. To take advantage of our wireless solution, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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