5 Benefits Of Using Wireless Terminals At Trade Shows

\"TradeCanadian business owners are always looking for new ways to promote their businesses. And going to trade shows is one of the best. Even in today’s internet-obsessed world, there is no better way to secure new clients than to meet them face-to-face. Trade shows and similar networking events provide excellent opportunities for business owners to meet both like-minded professionals and prospective clients.

But they also provide amazing chances to make new sales. And these sales should still come by way of various payment methods. This is where the benefits of using wireless terminals really shine. If you plan on attending a trade show at any point in the future, you will definitely want to take advantage of a wireless terminal in order to secure sales where credit cards and debit cards are used as methods of payment.

Here are five benefits of using wireless terminals at trade shows:

1. They allow your staff to be mobile. At most trade shows, merchants are able to set up their own booths in designated areas. Passers-by are given the opportunity to stop and peruse through your items or ask questions about your brand. Naturally, sales can be made during these interactions. But that doesn’t mean that you need to stay at your booth to make sales. With your wireless terminal, you can move around the trade show making sales at any location!

2. They provide paper receipts on the spot. Just like processing sales at your store’s location, your wireless terminal will offer customers receipts following their purchases. The real-time transactions ensure proper bookkeeping as well as a professional business image. Using a wireless terminal is an incredibly convenient way to keep account of all of the additional sales you are making at remote locations.

3. They support EMV chip card technology. If you’re looking to complete transactions quickly, wireless terminals are the way to go. Added to the convenience they allow thanks to their portability, wireless terminals allow chip cards to be used in both the punch-in-your-PIN and contactless variety. Remember that this isn’t just a convenience for your customers. You will love how easy they make securing sales for your business at various locations.

4. They make delivery a breeze. Keep in mind that trade shows inhabit large numbers of merchants in one area. It’s not like the competition is few and far between. However, when you use a wireless terminal, you can bring your business to those who may not be able to visit your specific booth location. Feel free to make deliveries anywhere at your event and carry along that wireless terminal of yours in order to process the payments.

5. They have long-life batteries. Don’t worry about having to recharge during your trade show. Your wireless terminal has a long-life battery that ensures that you’ll have enough power to get you through your busy day. That is, of course, if you’re using the Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G. This is the awesome wireless terminal that is offered by Canadian POS Corporation. This all-in-one mobile solution efficiently and securely processes transactions anywhere.

The Ingenico Telium2 iWL250G features a compact ergonomic design that provides easy transport. It supports a wide range of payment types including credit cards, debit cards and gift cards through a very easy-to-use solution. For more information on our wireless terminals or to order one for your company, don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 today!

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