5 Benefits To Offering Online Shopping

\"InternetWhy do Canadians love online shopping so much? “It’s fun,” responded one of our colleagues earlier this week, “I like browsing. And I don’t find it any easier than to hop on a website in order to browse. People like me like comparing prices and things like that, so if I can do it online, I’m more likely to buy the things I like the most from the places I like the most. Companies that don’t have websites just lose out.”

Does your company have a website? That, of course, is job number one. Clearly, in order to offer the public the benefit of online shopping, you’ll need a website that they can visit in order to browse and potentially make their purchases. Do you accept credit cards? That’s pretty much the next step. And, as you know, Canadian POS Corporation enables you to accept credit card payments at the most affordable rates in our industry!

In our last blog, we revisited the topic of online shopping and its popularity in Canada. Recent studies have shown that the worldwide phenomenon is only growing. So it pays for your company to have an E-commerce solution that will pay dividends well into the future. Consider just how easy you will make things for your customers when you allow them to shop online. There are many benefits to offering online shopping. Here are five.

1. It’s convenient for your customers. People love the idea of being able to shop in their pyjamas. More specifically, avoiding the rush that comes with holiday shopping is a treat all on to itself. Not having to look for parking or standing in long line-ups is something that all of your customers will appreciate. Making the lives of your customers easier is a great way to attract more customers to your brand. And online shopping capabilities can do that.

2. It will increase your sales. Let’s face it. If you give your company more outlets with which it can sell your products, you’re simply bound to sell more products. It’s that simple. It’s like opening up an entirely new location. The only difference is that people from all over the world will be able to buy from you! Make it so that you’re maximizing your potential to sell your products by making them available through your website.

3. It makes your company a global one. Did we mention that online shopping allows you to sell your products all over the world? Well yes, this should be highlighted as a top benefit to offering online shopping. As mentioned, when your website becomes a new outlet for customers to make purchases from you, you increase your client base exponentially. This literally makes your company globally accessible.

4. It keeps you competitive. Chances are that your competitors are offering their customers the ability to shop, or at least browse online. Don’t allow them to outdo and overshadow you because your business doesn’t have a strong internet presence. More than just having a website is its ability to allow customers to learn about your products and make purchasing decisions without ever having to visit you in person.

5. It’s efficient and cost-effective. Getting your company all set up with an E-commerce solution is a lot easier than you may think. At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer free integration support, compliance assistance and comprehensive certification process to ensure that your site is up and running quickly. We also offer real-time processing to help your customers complete the checkout process in seconds.

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