5 Big Benefits Of Store Value Cards

\"cards\"In our last blog, we detailed some of the biggest benefits that you can enjoy by offering gift cards to your customers. They include attracting new customers, increasing your sales, gaining repeat business and making your current customers even happier. But did you know that there are many more benefits to selling gifts cards? Yes, indeed the list could practically go on forever. And that’s because various gift cards allow for different uses.

Take the store value card, for example. This is the type of gift card that allows you to recharge it with additional value. Some gift cards, as you know, have specific monetary values attached to them and generally come in specific denominations such as $25, $50 or $100. Store value cards, however, allow customers to place as much money on them as they like. Here are five benefits that you can enjoy as a result.

1. Merchandise returns. Going forward, you can use store value cards instead of actual cash to reimburse customers for returned merchandise. That way, you are guaranteeing that the money will be spent in your store. Store value cards help to provide you with assurances that you will not be losing out when customers bring your items back. Giving them store credits will encourage them to come back to spend again.

2. Promotional marketing tools. You can use your store value cards as excellent promotional items. It’s always a good idea to launch advertising campaigns in order to draw more customers into your store. Why not run a contest where the winner receives a free store value card? You may also want to offer up these cards and place $5 increments on each of them to people who visit your store during a certain promotion. Naturally, you can encourage them to “top up” once they’ve used up the five bucks.

3. Repeat business. Store value cards promote customer loyalty. When someone really loves your place of business, he or she is bound to come back. So having a store value card will help to provide that incentive to return for some shopping. As well, such cards also make great gifts. After all, they are still gift cards. And when people get to decide how much they wish to place on their cards, they make for an even more convenient purchases than normal.

4. Corporate gifts. Speaking of making gifts out of store value cards, they are arguably the best possible gifts that you can give your employees. Sure, they may enjoy their employee discounts. But nothing beats free! Reward your staff members with these cards that not only allow them to shop in your store, but encourage them to continue to do so. Loyalty from within is often the greatest way to further promote your brand.

5. Customer appreciation. And speaking of loyalty, you never want to forget your favourite customers. It is often said that it is easier to keep your current customers than it is to attract new ones. So never forget the ones who have already leant you their support. Show your regular customers that you appreciate them by giving them store value cards with denominations of your choice. Again, it will help to keep bringing them back.

Your store value cards are waiting for you at Canadian POS Corporation. Simply give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 to get more information or to order your company’s cards today. You’re bound to not just receive the benefits that gift cards give you, but enjoy the various perks that come with giving customers the choice to decide how much money they’d like to place on their cards. Now, that’s adding value to your brand!

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