5 Reasons Plastic Acceptance Makes Customers Happy

\"HappyYou want to make your customers happy, right? Which business owner doesn’t? Believe it or not, how you make your customers feel will help your business a lot more than the products and services it provides. It’s all about the customer experience. Just ask any shopper. If a person doesn’t enjoy doing business with a company, he or she will avoid it. It doesn’t matter what they sell. This is why great customer service is so important.

Part of a top-notch customer service regimen is offering your customers the payment options that they want. In many blogs of past, we’ve commented upon the fact that cash-only businesses are fading away. The main reason for this is because Canada is quickly becoming a cashless society. There are far too many benefits to using credit and debit cards to ignore. So stores that don’t accept them are soon to get left in the proverbial dust.

Plastic acceptance makes customers happy. It’s just that simple. Many customers will walk away from a business, never to return, if it doesn’t accept their credit or debit cards. With so many reasons to provide payment options to customers, why wouldn’t you secure yourself with a top-of-the-line POS terminal today? Still need convincing? Here are five reasons that plastic acceptance makes customers happy.

1. It earns them rewards. Quite often, the accumulation of rewards points tops the lists of reasons why people choose to pay for their purchases with credit cards. “You get more for your money,” commented a colleague of ours recently, “When I pay with my credit card, I know I’m earning points towards travel and stuff like that. If I had just paid with cash, I wouldn’t get anything except the stuff I bought.”

2. It protects their purchases. When a customer pays with cash, he or she is given no assurance that the purchase is protected in the event of loss, theft or damage. Credit card companies, however, have programs in place that will do just that. As well, many credit card issuers offer extended warranties on big ticket items. This allows consumers the peace of mind in knowing that using their credit cards will guarantee their satisfaction.

3. It helps to avoid money loss. When a person carries cash on his or her person and that money is lost or stolen, it can’t be retrieved. Simple and plain, it is money down the drain. When a person carries a credit or debit card instead and they are lost, they can be replaced. Cardholders can simply call their credit card issuers for new cards and immediately have the lost or stolen ones cancelled so that they cannot be used.

4. It protects against fraud. These days, the most common way to pay for a purchase is with a chip card. Chips are found in both credit and debit cards. Using them is as simple as punching in a four-digit PIN code. That way, even when a card is lost or stolen, a perpetrator of fraud would still need to know the PIN in order to use the card. Using cards instead of cash helps for customers to feel a lot safer in the fight against fraud.

5. It tracks their spending. Some argue that credit card use encourages overspending. However, many others suggest that the opposite is true. Each month, when customers receive their credit card bills, they are provided with clear-cut lists of what they have spent their money on for the month. This helps them to track each and every one of their purchases. This record-keeping is great for managing spending over time.

Make sure that you are making your customers happy. Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to get set up with your new POS terminal within three days!

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