5 Reasons To Sell Your Gift Cards Online

\"OnlineWelcome to the time of year when business owners from all over Canada are reaping the rewards of having sold gift cards during the busy holiday season. As we’ve blogged about a number of times in the past, gift cards make the perfect go-to gift for last minute shoppers. But those aren’t the only type of customers that they’re made for. Quite simply, gift cards are perfect because they end up giving their recipients exactly what they want.

For business owners, they provide a big boost in sales. No matter what type of industry you are a part of, you will always have customers who are buying for their loved ones. Not knowing the right size, the right colour and what their favourite meals are should no longer be a problem. Not with gift cards, anyway. And that’s why selling gift cards in your store should be a must. Especially if you missed out on this past holiday season, you’ll want to get on board right away!

Of course, the busy holiday season is the best time of year to sell gift cards. But don’t forget that birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebrations happen all year round. There’s honestly no bad time to sell gift cards to your customers. And there’s certainly no bad way to sell gift cards either. In fact, on TryItLocal.com, Rita Harris insists that you begin doing so online. She lists five reasons why doing so will be beneficial to your business.

1. Extra revenue. What business owner doesn’t want to make more in sales? Harris insists that this is the first obvious perk of selling gift cards online. She notes that gift cards allow business owners to earn money without letting go of any product. “While large purchases come with down payments, most small businesses don\’t receive down payments for services, but with a gift card you receive money up front no matter if the card is ever redeemed or not,” she writes.

2. Built in referral system. Every time you sell a gift card, it’s as good as someone recommending your business. Think about it. That’s exactly what it is! Gift card recipients are practically being told to shop at your place of business. How great is that? “Referrals from your best customers are one of your greatest tools for generating new, loyal customers,” says Harris, “with gift cards available, you give them the ability to put their money where their mouth is.”

3. New customers. Naturally, the more gift cards you sell, the more likely you are to welcome new customers into your store and to your website. As mentioned, you will be getting more referrals than ever through these little rectangular pieces of joy! “Never forget that a new customer with a gift card is a wide open door for you to win over a new customer,” Harris reminds us, “Not only will they rate their experience independently, but it is likely the person who provided the gift card will ask them about their experience.”

4. Retail for any business. “Not all businesses have a retail front or things that can be purchased for others as gifts,” she continues, “Services are a perfect example of something people love to receive, but are not always easily packaged as gifts. With gift cards, any business can be a source of gifts for friends and loved ones. What you have to offer should not be limited to the walls of your business. Gift cards bring your services beyond your doors into the hands of anyone.”

5. A 24/7 business online. When your store closes, your ability to sell gift cards doesn’t stop. This is, perhaps, the best reason to sell your gift cards via your company website. As Harris points out, “making gift cards available for purchase keeps you open for business 24/7 and convenient for all consumers to do business with you no matter the time of day, how soon they need the gift, or where they are located.”

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