5 Reasons Why Dads Love Gift Cards

\"ManIt’s Father’s Day this Sunday! Did you remember? If not, you’re not alone. You see, for some reason, Father’s Day tends to play second fiddle to Mother’s Day. Not that we have anything against moms. Who doesn’t love their mommy? It’s just that dads often get the short ends of the sticks when it comes to Father’s Day presents. At least this is what we hear from many of our clients, colleagues and friends.

This topic of conversation actually came up in the Canadian POS Corporation offices recently. So we thought we’d provide some insight into what may be the best idea for a Father’s Day gift when you present it to your pops this Sunday. A gift card! That’s right. You simply can’t go wrong with a gift card. And for everyone out there thinking that gift cards are too impersonal, think again. On behalf of fathers everywhere, here are five reasons why dads love gift cards.

1. We have enough ties. On one of the many classic episodes of “The Cosby Show”, Heathcliff Huxtable recalls a particular Father’s Day when his son Theo got him a very unique tie. “I always get you a tie,” Theo remarks during the story. Dr. Huxtable is not alone in being a father who gets ties on a yearly basis. There’s nothing wrong with ties. But dads can only have so many neck accessories!

2. You can’t seem to figure out our sizes. While children seem to grow by the day, most dads are pretty much all grown up by the time they become fathers. So why is it that the clothing they often get as gifts never seems to fit? Shirts are often either too big or too small and if the size is actually correct, the shirt is bound to be a style your dad wouldn’t tend to wear. If you have trouble figuring out your dad’s size, you may want to stay away from getting him any clothes.

3. We can only smell so good. Like ties, cologne is another go-to gift for most children shopping for their fathers. Now, cologne is a great gift. That is, if it’s one that smells good. They don’t all appeal to everyone. And with so much cologne already in the bathroom cabinet, there is likely no space for that new bottle you play to buy this Father’s Day. Many fathers haven’t even unwrapped the cellophane from the cologne packages they received this past Christmas!

4. We like sports, but not all sports. Yes, your dad may be a sports nut. Many dads are. But just because your dad is a staunch fan of baseball doesn’t mean that he’s into golf. As well, buying your dad a new tennis racket when he’d really love nothing more than a new hockey jersey may not be such a bright idea. If your dad is into sports, you may want to pinpoint which sports are his favourites. Apparently not all children are aware.

5. We beat you to it. In many cases, we already have that gift. Is your dad a big Michael Jackson fan? Chances are that he already grabbed a copy of that new Xscape album. You may want to slyly ask a few questions or even get your mother to pry on your behalf before purchasing that phone charger for the car that he already picked up a month ago. The thought will always be appreciated. Having to return your gift, on the other hand – maybe not so much.

Gift cards, as you are very well aware will take care of all of the above mentioned gift-buying catastrophes. Admittedly, we are having a little bit of fun with today’s blog. But it doesn’t mean that the points we’ve made are untrue. We’ve all encountered times when the gifts we buy aren’t as hot as we thought they were going to be. Make life easy. Make a gift card your gift of choice. Needless to say, if you’re a business owner, you need to be selling the hottest gift around!

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