5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Make The Perfect Gifts

\"stackGift cards are great. But apparently, you won’t hear everyone saying that. Some people believe that they are lazy gifts that prove that not much thought has been put into what the recipient wants. At Canadian POS Corporation, we beg to differ. In fact, gift cards can be argued as the perfect gift because they give recipients EXACTLY what they want. How could that not a good gift?

On Yahoo.com, Mandi Woodruff pretty much makes the exact same point. “These days, gift cards are as good as giving someone a fat wad of cash — and who doesn’t want that?” she asks, “Gift cards not only take the pressure off the gift-giver to become a seasonal mind-reader but also prevent those awkward moments we’ve all had opening gifts we hate from the people we love.” She goes on to list a number of reasons why gifts cards make the perfect gifts.

1. They\’re less likely to go to waste than regular gifts. This is so true, isn’t it? How often have you received a gift that you didn’t like but pretended that you did? These gifts are often re-gifted or, if not, left in a closet somewhere to collect dust. Woodruff reveals some very interesting statistics. While $2 billion worth of unused gift cards are either lost or forgotten in the U.S. each year, nearly $50 billion worth of holiday gifts are returned annually. Wow!

2. They’re great money-savers. In recent years, more and more retailers have become hip to the game. In other words, gift cards don’t just work in your average store but they can get you free meals at restaurants or free gas at gas stations. No matter what a gift card provides its recipient, it is a guaranteed money-saver. The very idea that a gift card will save someone money is a gift in and of itself.

3. They’re excellent ways to budget. When customers purchase gift cards, they know exactly how much they are spending. They don’t have to worry about the costs of the items requested by their loved ones or even consider the additional tax that will be added to the bill. Woodruff points out that they help shoppers refrain from impulse purchases, allowing the gift card recipients to spend as they please instead.

4. They’re proven pleasers. Most people overthink their gifts, says Woodruff. She writes that “new research has shown that, when gift-givers have many people to shop for, they shoot themselves in the foot by trying to ‘over-individualize’ gifts, often ignoring the actual wishes of the recipients in the process. Maybe it’s not ‘fun’ for you to wrap half a dozen gift cards, but the point of gift-giving is to make others happy, right?”

5. They’re ideal last minute gifts. When all else fails, a gift card is the perfect go-to gift for last minute shoppers. People love convenience when shopping. So what’s more convenient than buying a gift card? Shoppers don’t need to worry about finding the right size or colour. And they don’t have to be concerned about whether or not their loved ones already have the gifts they were thinking of buying. Gift cards make it easy!

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