5 Reasons Wireless Is The Way To Go

\"creditAccepting credit cards and debit cards is a way of life for most business owners. For the most part, Canadian business owners agree that accepting plastic provides options to their customers that they can’t do without. Knowing that providing such options helps to grow their businesses, these entrepreneurs have learned how to enjoy increased sales and growing customer loyalty. But accepting plastic has gotten even better in recent years!

As you’re likely aware, wireless terminals make accepting credit and debit cards that much easier. Gone are the days when you were forced to keep your POS terminal plugged into the wall. Wireless terminals provide greater flexibility allowing for various new possibilities for your business. In today’s blog, we’ll detail a few of those new possibilities. Here are five reasons to go wireless.

1. Better customer service. When you have a wireless terminal, you provide your customers with an added convenience. No longer do they have to come to you. You can now go to them. Imagine that you can allow a customer to make a payment literally anywhere in the store. If you wanted to, you wouldn’t even need a checkout line anymore. You could simply approach the customer when he or she is ready to pay.

2. Increased customer satisfaction. Customers are happy when things are made easy for them. They are even happier when they feel that they are being protected. This is especially true in restaurants where customers used to have to give up their cards to allow servers to process payments elsewhere. Now, restaurant patrons are able to pay at the table following a meal. The chance of fraud is practically diminished.

3. Saved space. With wireless terminals, you can reduce the number of stations in your store that require a terminal and an employee. Remember, you can take the terminal to the customer, so a specific line up to a specific payment location is no longer necessary. Free up your counter space for more displays of more of your items. You literally don’t have to be tied down in any one spot anymore.

4. Faster transactions. When you get yourself set up with a wireless terminal, you’re bound to get your customers through the payment process faster. Often, customers don’t even need to push their cards into the machines anymore. They may simply wave them in from of the machine. These quick-paying abilities are available with certain types of wireless POS terminals. Be sure to ask about them!

5. Builds repeat business. Customers love wireless terminals because they make the entire shopping experience easier. They enjoy not having to let go of their cards and simply having the whole process take no more than a few seconds. Companies with wireless terminals tend to be viewed in high regard as this technology is very popular. Not having a wireless terminal is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past.

Contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 today! We can have you all set up with your new wireless terminal within three days. You’ll also be happy to know that we offer the most affordable rates in our industry while never skimping on providing top-notch customer service. We invite you to join our growing list of clients that is made up of business owners who have discovered that wireless is the way to go!

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