5 Reminders Of Why You Should Be Selling Gift Cards

\"PortraitWith Mother’s Day having been celebrated this month and Father’s Day coming up in June, there is no shortage of occasions for people to buy gifts. Naturally, gift-giving is a popular activity during the end-of-year holiday season. But, as you know, that isn’t the only time of year when people are out shopping for presents. Birthday, anniversaries and other special occasions take place year round.

The thing is, it’s not always easy to buy gifts for the people that you love. Even if you have close relationships with your family members and friends, you don’t always know what they have or what they want. You’re not always sure about their sizes or favourite colours. So how do you know that you’ve landed on the perfect gift? How can you assure your recipient that he or she will love what you’ve purchased and not want to return it?

You can’t! Unless, of course, you want to completely ruin the surprise, there’s no way to know for sure what to buy as presents each and every time you go gift shopping. So what’s the solution? The gift card! Gift cards are widely popular and have been for some time now. “Year in and year out, gift cards are the most requested presents during the holiday season,” reads the Gift Card Granny website. Are you taking advantage of this fact at your business?

Here are five reminders of why you should sell gift cards:

1. They will increase your customer base. Gift cards provide you with an entirely new revenue stream. Not only do they offer your customers something new to buy, but by virtue of what they’re used for, gift cards encourage new customers to visit your store. Essentially, a gift card is a referral for someone new to sample your business. Gift cards have long been known to encourage shoppers to try stores for the first time.

2. They will increase your sales. As mentioned, gift cards give you the ability to add a new product to your line. But, keep in mind, that they also offer you the ability to earn money quicker. That’s because when you sell a gift card, you are receiving money for items that you haven’t even sold yet. As well, research has shown that most card recipients spend 25% more than the value of their cards. That means that with each gift card sale, you’re almost guaranteeing a higher return!

3. They encourage repeat business. All business owners know that there is no customer like a loyal customer. Welcoming back the same customers over and over to your store is proof that you are doing something right. This is one of the reasons that it’s such a good idea to sell gift cards. They enable your regular customers to conveniently use prepaid balances for recurring services. As well, they provide incentives for your loyal customers to spread the word about your brand.

4. They make the holiday season a smash! As we pointed out, there is no bad time of year to sell gift cards. But it must be highlighted that when Christmas time approaches, you are bound to see a major spike in the sales of your gift cards. They are popularly known as one of the top-selling gifts during the holiday season. Gift cards make for the perfect last-minute purchase for shoppers who simply aren’t sure what to buy their loved ones.

5. They are easy to get your hands on. Selling gift cards in your store is easier than you think. And the benefits of adding them to your product line are many. New customers, increased sales and repeat business only mark the beginning. Order your gift cards today! It’s as simple as giving Canadian POS Corporation a call at 1-877-748-2884 to get started. You may also email us at info@localhost.

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