5 Ways Credit Cards Make Brighter Days

\"it-card-art\"Canadian shoppers love to use credit cards to pay for their purchases. If you’re a store owner in Canada, you’re likely very well aware of this. You’re either enjoying the benefits of accepting credit cards at your place of business or you’re missing out. If you’re on the “missing out” side of things, perhaps you should take a look at the many reasons you should get set up with a POS terminal.

Many business owners who resist accepting plastic do so because they feel the rates for doing so may be too high. But as we’ve blogged about a number of times recently, the benefits to accepting credit cards as methods of payment far outweigh the costs. And at Canadian POS Corporation, we offer the most affordable rates in our industry! Today, we’ll look at some reasons why you should take advantage of that.

On Discover.com, a number of reasons to accept plastic are listed. Many of them go over the benefits to the cardholder. However, these are just as important to business owners as pleasing customers should always be job #1. So if you’re accepting credit cards, doesn’t that just mean you are actually providing more benefits to your customers? It sure does!

Emergency Spending. Many different situations can arise that people don’t expect. Discover cites the breaking down of a washing machine as one example. Most people don’t walk around with the cash necessary to buy a new washing machine. But having a credit card will help save the day. Does your business provide “emergency” types of products and services? It’s best you accept credit if you do.

Stretching Income. Accepting credit cards means that you are allowing your customers to take advantage of the flexibility that comes with them. They allow people to pay over time so that they may stretch their monthly income. Discover provides the example of a person taking advantage of a big sale for a desired household item that he may not have been able to afford without the flexibility given him by his credit card.

Convenience. You’ve read this word over and over again on the Canadian POS Corporation Blog. And although it appears at #3 on Discover’s list of benefits, it will always be the number one reason to offer your customers payment options that include credit and debit cards. As the site notes, “charging even small items to a credit card allows a consumer to bypass stops at an ATM and avoid paying any fees associated with the ATM.”

Protection. Security is another great reason that consumers prefer paying with plastic. And therefore, it’s another great reason to allow them to. You are protecting your customers against fraudulent charges when you place those charges on a credit card. “Losing a checkbook can not only mean your bank account can be emptied, but the account number will have to be changed,” says Discover.

Shopping While Traveling. No one likes to carry a whole lot of cash with them while they’re traveling. And why should they? It’s pretty dangerous. Not needing to have foreign currency on you is a great benefit to being able to use a credit card. So when people travel to your neck of the woods, give them that convenience! To begin accepting credit cards today, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884.

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