5 Ways Plastic Acceptance Makes For Happy Holidays

\"handWelcome to November! In the business world, this translates to “welcome to the beginning of the holiday shopping season!” It would not be surprising if you’ve already found some holiday shoppers strolling through the corridors of your local malls. Perhaps, they’ve even recently visited your store looking for gifts for their family members and friends. If they haven’t yet, they will soon. You can count on it.

It probably doesn’t need to be said that the holiday shopping season is the busiest time of year for retailers. And those that accept credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment are sure to cash in. Obviously, consumers will be looking to spend more than they normally do in the coming weeks. And as Abby Hayes of U.S. News pointed out this past weekend, there are many ways that shoppers can use their credit cards wisely.

She provides some helpful tips to shoppers that business owners should also keep in mind. This is because when credit cards are used with a sense of discipline, they are extremely helpful in completing holiday shopping plans. And that’s good news for you! In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at five ways your acceptance of plastic will make for happy holidays. After all, the holiday shopping season is upon us. Why not make this one your happiest one yet?

1. Customers can take advantage of credit card benefits. Hayes immediately points out some of the main reasons that consumers prefer to use credit cards to pay for their holiday shopping purchases. Rewards points generally top the list. In addition, “if you haven’t saved enough money for gifts, you can spread out your purchases using credit cards,” she reminds us. When you allow your customers to use their plastic to pay for purchases at your store, you help them to reap additional benefits.

2. They can leverage rewards. Speaking of those benefits, Hayes highlights the fact that rewards are big time bonuses for credit card users. “One of the best ways to get more bang for your buck with credit cards is to leverage rewards,” she writes, “Luckily, there are some great apps that can help you do just that.” Consider the fact that your acceptance of credit cards is helping your customers get that much closer to bonuses such as free airline tickets and hotel stays.

3. They can take advantage of holiday rewards. And speaking of travel benefits, Hayes notes that those are some of the most popular choices among credit card reward points recipients. This will be an especially beneficial treat during the holiday season. “Many credit card companies roll out extra rewards during the holiday season,” she writes, noting that many credit card companies “are catching on to the holiday specials trend.”

4. They can keep a budget. “The reason it’s so easy to lose track of credit card spending, for most of us, is that the money is not coming out of our checking account,” Hayes writes, “That balance isn’t going down, so we spend more than we think we will.” And although she warns shoppers to not let their credit card spending to “get out of control”, she brings up an important point. Credit cards allow their users to pay their balances over time. By accepting them, you’re more likely to sell your big ticket items.

5. They’re likely to shop early. Yes, November has just started. But the holiday shopping season has officially begun. Hayes recommends that people get their shopping out of the way quickly. So the time to promote your store as one that welcomes their plastic is now! “Shopping earlier and more thoughtfully keeps your spending under control and makes the holiday season more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone,” says Hayes.

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