5 Ways To Advertise That You Accept Plastic

\"LotNow that you’re accepting credit cards with Canadian POS Corporation, you’ll undoubtedly want to take advantage of it as much as possible. You were previously a cash-only business. And as our blogs, from earlier this week, have made clear, that’s no longer a viable option for your business in 2014. So how can you get your customers to know that you now accept credit cards and debit cards?

They’ve known your brand for a long time as one that shies away from accepting plastic. And now that’s all changed! There’s got to be some ways to get them to realize that you’ve not only caught up with the times, but that you truly wish to address their needs and concerns. In today’s blog, we’ll outline a few of our ideas about how you can inform your customers of this awesome new change.

1. Post window stickers at the front of your store. These days, when you walk into a store that accepts Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards, you know about it. Right at the front of the store, there are window stickers with the logos of the aforementioned brands. You can do the exact same thing! There’s no mistaking those logos. And when you display them, there’s no mistaking that you are plastic-friendly!

2. Put it on your website. We live in a world where people love using the internet for nearly everything. Watching videos, listening to music and getting information about interests are all reasons that people jump online. So get the information out about the fact that your business accepts credit and debit by posting the logos for Visa, MasterCard and Interac on your website.

3. Advertise on social media. Here is the perfect opportunity for you to jump on your Facebook and Twitter profiles to share some interesting news. You’re bound to attract attention online from fans of your industry if you let them know that you now accept credit and debit. Social media, as you know, have arguably become today’s #1 way to share information with the world.

4. Mention it at the checkout. The fact that you now accept plastic may come as a surprise to some of your most loyal customers. Be sure to let your customers know that they can now pay with their Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards when they are reaching for their wallets. It only takes a second, and it will certainly be worth your time! You may be surprised to find out just how pleased your customers will be upon hearing the news.

5. Ask your customers to spread the word. Nothing beats a referral. It’s always great when someone comes into your store and says “my friend told me about this place”. The same thing can work for this great new wrinkle you’ve added your brand. “Let your friends know that we accept plastic now” is all you need to add to your interactions with your customers. It can’t hurt!

What’s that? You don’t yet accept credit and debit cards? Not to worry. Canadian POS Corporation can have you all set up within three days. Simply give us a call at 1-877-748-2884. You’ll be happy to know that we provide top-notch POS terminals while offering the most affordable rates in our business. Begin accepting plastic and begin enjoying a much more profitable life as a business owner!

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