5 Ways To Gain New Customers

\"CustomersThe holidays are just about here. But, as a business owner, you’re likely not going to be taking much time off. Now, we’re sure that you won’t be working straight through the holidays. After all, everyone deserves time off to spend with their loved ones. And who doesn’t love those big dinners that come along with holiday celebrations? Business owners, however, can’t help but keep their minds on their companies, no matter what time of year it is.

It is likely that you’ve even come up with your own New Year’s Resolution already. And if that resolution has anything to do with securing new customers in 2015, then you certainly wouldn’t be alone. At Canadian POS Corporation, we know how important it is for Canadian business owners to grow their companies. We speak to them on a daily basis and often discuss ways that they can expand the reach of their brands.

Naturally, our experience tells us that accepting credit card and debit card payments from their customers will encourage a much larger client base. But, as Forbes.com points out, there are a number of ways to gain more customers. It’s all about communicating to the public reasons why they need your company’s products or services. In a very interesting article, they point out five ways to gain new customers.

1. Tell your story. “Take the time to paint a picture for potential users of how they are missing out by not using your product,” recommends the website, “Use relatable, real-world scenarios that show how life is better because of your product — so they too can visualize how they might benefit from using it.” We often do this by explaining how many Canadians no longer walk around with cash on them. Such scenarios lose business for companies that are cash-only.

2. Use video. We all know that social media are all the rage these days. People simply love perusing through photos online. But even more popular than photos are videos. If you can post any that represent your business in a positive light, it is bound to gain some interest. “Video is key to keeping your potential users engaged quickly, and to helping them fully understand the solution you bring to the table,” says Forbes.com.

3. Have patience. Keep in mind that because you have a New Year’s Resolution that you plan on sticking to, it may not come to fruition as soon as the new year starts. In fact, it isn’t likely to take off for, at least, several weeks or months. As the website notes, “It’s understandable to feel frustrated and anxious when things aren’t moving as fast as you hoped…so use this time to gain feedback from all your early adopters, work out any kinks you didn’t see, or build on what’s already working.”

4. Be accessible. Customers absolutely hate it when they can’t get in touch with the companies that they are doing business with. In today’s social media-crazed world where people can connect with others across the world and get responses within seconds, there’s no reason for you to be inaccessible. “Your product and information needs to be easily accessible and found,” says Forbes.com, “It’s important to have an easy-to-use website with great customer support.”

5. Offer incentives to share. “Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to gain new business,” the website continues, “A potential customer who comes to you from a referral or after checking out a review has already listened to the words of a trusted source. These leads have a much higher conversion rate, and they are the best way to gain new users.” So what can you offer your current customers that will encourage them to recommend you to others?

Call Canadian POS Corporation today at 1-877-748-2884 to discuss any and all of our services. It is our New Year’s Resolution to help your company to gain new customers!

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