5 Ways To Give Thanks This Thanksgiving

\"Thanksgiving-Thank-You\"Happy Thanksgiving Canada! As we embark on the long weekend that celebrates the concept of being thankful, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Canadian POS Corporation in any way. To our family members and friends, we wish you a wonderful weekend celebrating with each other. And to our customers, we wish you the same plus continued success in your respective industries.

It’s important to thank your customers. Clearly, we encourage you to do the same. After all, your customers are the people that keep your business going. At Canadian POS Corporation, we do our best to thank our clients regularly by providing them with the type of service that they can’t get anywhere else. Of course, Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only time of year to show those you care about that you are grateful.

On eWayDirect.com, Jeannette de Beauvoir suggests that there are a number of ways business owners can thank their customers and that they work as great marketing strategies. Naturally, it pays to be kind and courteous. But specific gestures to show certain clients that you truly appreciate them can really go a long way. As de Beauvoir reiterates, this should be done year round.

Emails. A thank you email is a great modern-era way to reach out and show your appreciation. “In today’s world, your customers likely have many other things they could be doing with their money than buying from you. THANK THEM. Often. When they purchase something, send them a thank you email,” writes de Beauvoir. This direct contact shows that you’ve taken the time to personally acknowledge your clients.

Tweets. Social media has become incredibly popular because it does what its name suggests it does – it’s social! More about making connections and communicating than advertising, social networking sites such as Twitter help to engage people in conversation. It’s a great tool to use to thank a group of your customers in one 140-character or less message.

Gifts. Promotional gifts have worked wonders for decades. They have been proven to increase senses of loyalty within customers. They also encourage referrals. A promo gift is more than a thank you card. It’s a useful item that reminds your customer of where to do business. The more useful the gift, the more often your customers will be reminded of your company. Gifts, as always, make great thank yous.

Time. They say “time is money’. So if you’re concerned about spending any money in order to say “thank you”, then give a little of your time instead. Writes de Beauvoir: “If you want people’s time, attention and dollars, you’ve got to give something to them in return. This can be in the form of valuable content, offers, products, services, time and/or attention to your customers.”

Charity. In addition to offering your own words of advice and a listening ear in order to give thanks, you may also want to give back to your community in other ways. That’s what the spirit of Thanksgiving is all about anyways, isn’t it? “The most successful companies exist not only to make money, but to improve people’s lives,” says de Beauvoir, “When companies can genuinely wrap a charity element into their business, people notice. And maybe they can even influence their customers to give back, too.”

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