5 Ways To Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

\"BusinessIt doesn’t matter what type of business you run, your customers will remember it for the type of experience it gave them. So even if you have the greatest products and services out there, when your customers don’t enjoy working with you, they won’t likely remain your customers for very long. It’s all about customer service. At Canadian POS Corporation, we take our customer service regimen very seriously.

In other words, although we’re very confident about the top-notch POS terminals that we offer our customers, we know that it’s how we treat them that helps to set us apart from our competition. Yes, the fact that our rates are the most affordable in our industry is another plus. But when we interact with our customers, we know that it’s the smiles put on their faces that make them proud to be working with us.

On Desk.com, much insight into the ways in which customers should be handled is given. The website clearly agrees with us when we say that offering unbeatable customer service is of paramount importance. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the suggestions found on Desk.com and offer our own two cents about each of them. Here’s hoping it will help your customer service reach a whole new level of excellence!

Treat your customers like people. It seems like a “no kidding” type of statement, doesn’t it? But too often, companies get caught up in treating their customers like numbers. It’s important to be genuinely respectful, showing concern for the issues that your customers have. Refer to them by name, offer your sincere apologies for errors and work diligently to resolve problems so that they know you really care about them.

Listen to your customers. You may feel as if you’re an expert in your field so you have a right to tell your customers how things are going to go. But have you listened to your customers to discover what specific things you can do to suit their needs? According to Desk.com, “60 per cent of customers will pay more for a better experience.” Be sure to offer that experience!

Don’t take your customers for granted. Yes, you may have solidified a relationship with a customer by securing his or her business. But that’s where your job to satisfy begins, not ends. The site advises that you always treat your customers as if it’s the first time your meeting them. The number one reason that customers leave companies is due to dissatisfaction with customer service, reports Desk.com.

Make their opinions matter. Customers like to know that they are truly being listened to. And you can show this by implementing some of their ideas in your everyday business practices. It’s important to listen to feedback. “Don’t be afraid of the truth,” says the site, “you might like what you hear.” It goes on to mention that 35 per cent of customers expect a response after liking a company on Facebook.

Be open with mistakes. We all make mistakes. But when companies do it and don’t own up to it, it can be really frustrating for customers. Step up, put your ego aside and apologize, says Desk.com. You may, in fact, secure a long-lasting customer relationship because of your willingness to own up to your mistakes. How you handle problems can be the thing that makes your business the most successful it has ever been!

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