5 Ways Your Brand Benefits From Plastic Acceptance

\"HumanIt’s 2014. The times of cash-only businesses are behind us. So why are there still merchants that don’t accept either credit or debit cards? Many of them are concerned about the fees associated with accepting plastic. But as extensive research has shown, the benefits far outweigh the costs of accepting credit and debit cards as methods of payment as businesses all throughout Canada. In today’s blog, we’ll outline some of those benefits.

Increased sales. This is one of the most popular reasons to begin accepting Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards as methods of payment at your business. It has been proven to increase sales. Customers will view your business with much greater appreciation. Giving people the convenience of being able to pay with their cards will attract more of them to your store. The more customers you attract, the more sales you will make.

Competitive edge. Chances are your competition is accepting plastic. By not accepting plastic, you’re practically telling your customers outright to go somewhere else. People like knowing that their favourite brands are able to provide them with the conveniences that come with most other brands. Don’t lose customers because you can’t provide the convenience of accepting their credit and debit cards.

Allows for mail, online and phone orders. If you sell your products and services through the mail, internet or phone, you need to accept plastic. You can’t exactly accept cash over the phone or online, can you? Accepting credit cards allows you to open up your business to an entirely new marketplace. And we’re talking about the entire planet! Allow your customers to pay for your goods and services no matter where they are in the world.

Provides flexibility. As you likely know, today’s advances in technology allow us to live in a wireless world. From our smartphones to our tablet computers, nearly nothing requires a plug and a socket anymore. That said, POS terminals are part of that pack. Wireless terminals allow you the flexibility of accepting payments no matter where you are. This is especially helpful for businesses on the go. It also works great for your delivery service as it allows your delivery people to take payments at the doors of their customers!

Greater prestige. You simply look better by placing the logos of Visa, MasterCard and Interac at the front of your company’s entrance. It makes you appear to be one of the “big boys”. You know why? Because when you accept credit and debit cards, you ARE one of the big boys! Cash-only businesses appear “small time”. It’s as if you’re not keeping up with the times if you insist on only accepting cash. Give customers a better impression and your brand greater prestige by accepting plastic.

“Since accepting credit and debit at my place, things have been much better,” admitted one of our newest clients, “I’m not sure what took me so long. But now I find that most of my customers are using their cards to buy my goods. So it makes me wonder how much money I was losing when I wasn’t processing payments this way. I was afraid of the fees that came with accepting credit and debit before, but I don’t need to be anymore. I’m making more money!”

In 2014, there really isn’t much reason to remain a “cash only” business. We would love to help you to elevate our brand by accepting plastic using our top-notch POS terminals. Simply give Canadian POS Corporation a call at 1-877-748-2884. We also offer both the most affordable rates in our industry as well as unbeatable customer service. The many benefits of plastic acceptance await you! Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of them.

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