6 Benefits Of Accepting Credit Cards Online

\"ShoppingCanadian consumers love to shop online. This is a point that we’ve made in numerous blogs in the past. And it doesn’t take the holiday season for us to reiterate it. This is why with the return of students in the classrooms next week, it’s important to remember that it’s always a good time to accept credit card payments through your website. Students do love the internet! Are you selling your products online? If not, Canadian POS Corporation can help you get started.

Have a look at our Ecommerce page to learn more about this incredible service and the various benefits that come with taking advantage of it. It’s important to note that credit card acceptance is practically mandatory if you’d like to sell your products via the internet. On AllBusiness.com, it is stated that “offering your customers the ability to pay for their purchases with the credit card of their choice is essential in e-commerce.” Here are six benefits of accepting credit cards online, as listed by the site.

1. Fast turnaround time. According to AllBusiness.com, “when your customers pay by credit card, you get paid in days — not weeks. Merchants that accept only checks can end up waiting for the customer to send the payment, waiting for the post office to deliver the payment, and waiting for the bank to process the payment. When you have a merchant account, this entire process is circumvented and the funds transfer is almost immediate.”

2. Instant gratification. Allowing your customers to buy from you via the internet and using their credit cards encourages them to follow through on making the purchases right away. Other payment methods take longer, giving customers reasons to find quicker ways of getting the items they want without your help. By accepting credit cards online, you make the entire buying process a lot easier on your website visitors.

3. Increased impulse sales. To further that last point, credit card acceptance helps for your customers to buy from you a lot quicker. As AllBusiness.com points out, impulse sales “are related to, but distinct from, instant gratification purchases. Impulse items are usually cheaper, like the magazines and candy bars you find at a grocery store checkout stand. Although each individual item is cheap, they can quickly add up.”

4. Automatic currency conversion. Perhaps, the best part about offering your products via your website is the fact that it enables you to sell them across the world. Allowing customers to use their credit cards when buying from you online ensures that neither you nor they have to worry about currency conversion. The process is done instantly “making the entire process seamless” says AllBusiness.com.

5. Move big-ticket items faster. “Expensive items can be the hardest items to sell,” says the website, “But buyers who use credit cards know that they will be able to spread their payments over several months. Accepting credit cards lets you use this to your benefit.” This is often listed at the top of the pile when it comes to reasons that Canadian shoppers love credit cards so much. They don’t force consumers to have to pay off big expenses right away.

6. Wider appeal. Canadians have proven that they prefer to pay with plastic. So whether it’s in your store or online, your customers will be happy to know that they can use their credit cards to complete their transactions. Merchants stand the chance of losing customers if they don’t accept plastic. This is especially true when customers visit company websites looking for easy ways to get their hands on their favourite items.

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