6 More (Sarcastic) Reasons To Remain Cash Only

\"CashBack in May, we posted one of our more humorous blogs with “6 (Sarcastic) Reasons To Remain Cash Only”. It became a well-liked blog for the way that it put a spin on the reluctance that some business owners still have when it comes to accepting credit cards and debit cards. As we’ve detailed in many of our blogs, there are ample benefits to accepting plastic at your place of business.

But just in case you’re still one of the few merchants left who prefer to remain cash-only, we thought we’d offer up a sequel to our original sarcastic blog. As you can hopefully tell, we’re just having a little fun in the way that today’s blog is being written. But the point remains that not accepting plastic is simply not good for business. However, let’s look at six more reasons why your business should remain cash only anyways.

1. You don’t like providing choice. Why should your customers get to choose how to pay for their purchases? They were given enough of a choice by being able to come into your store and select from the various items that you sell. Now, they want to determine their payment methods as well? Enough is enough. Once your customers reach the checkout line, they should know that the time for making choices is over. Pay with cash or leave the store. Bottom line.

2. You’re not worried about the competition. Why should you care what your competitors are doing? If they accept credit cards and debit cards in their stores, it’s really none of your business anyways. Losing customers to them isn’t the end of the world. You’re better off staying in your own lane and concerning yourself only with what happens with your business. Knowing what your competitors are doing isn’t bound to help you.

3. You don’t care what impression you give off. Looking like a reputable and professional company isn’t exactly necessary to draw customers in. As long as you have a front door, someone is bound to open it and walk through it, right? Even if the only thing that person wanted was to ask for directions, it doesn’t matter. You’re not really concerned about what people think of your business. If they think you’re outdated because you only accept cash, so be it.

4. You’re not into being efficient. If people have to spend longer amounts of time waiting in line because the people in front of them are fumbling for change or trying to make sure that they have enough cash for their purchases, that’s their problem. Speeding things up at the checkout isn’t a law. Yes, the quicker you move your line, the more money you’re able to make. But, hey it’s nice to have company, right? People can wait.

5. You don’t like making money. You’ve heard that there are fees associated with accepting credit and debit cards. So what’s the point in accepting plastic if it’s going to cost you something to do, right? Yes, there is much evidence to support the fact that the benefits far outweigh the costs. But maybe you’ll be that extremely rare exception to the rule. You’re quite satisfied not increasing your profit margin anyways.

6. You don’t want things to be made easy. If you like the difficult life, it’s important to do business with unreliable service providers. Don’t contact Canadian POS Corporation or you’ll end up getting incredible customer service and a speedy set up of a brand new, top-of-the-line POS machine. You’ll be accepting plastic and increasing your sales within three days, in fact. But why would you want to do that? Don’t call 1-877-748-2884 today!

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