6 Reasons To Choose Canadian POS Corporation

\"6\"Canadian consumers have choices. They have the opportunity of selecting from a myriad of companies to work with. So it makes sense that they would carefully look into their various options before making any decisions about who to support. At Canadian POS Corporation, we’re very well aware of this fact. And, as a result, we do all that we can to communicate the differences between our brand and the competition.

As it states on the homepage of our website, “Canadian companies choose us because we provide value beyond payment processing. Today we support many of Canada’s medium sized and many thriving small businesses with one guiding principle. Our clients are the most important part of our team. If you’re just getting started or looking for a change – you’ve come to the right place.” Here are six reasons to choose Canadian POS Corporation as your payment provider.

1. Approval within 24 hours. Most people don’t like sitting around and waiting. And that goes double for the busy Canadian business owner. At Canadian POS Corporation, we are able to approve our clients with 24 hours. We are also able to get our new clients situated with new, top-of-the-line POS terminals within three business days. That means that you can be off to accepting credit and debit card transactions within the same week we first make contact!

2. Lowest rates in the industry. It’s hard to argue that affordable rates are what attract most customers to just about anything. The thing is, we don’t skimp on the quality of both our POS terminals and our customer service. Even with the best rates in the business, we make sure that our clients are doing more than just saving money. With us, they get the best possible service available.

3. Access online 24/7. At Canadian POS Corporation, we make sure to never leave our clients in the dark. They are provided with full access to their account information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And they’re able to do so through a secure online process. That way, our clients can have access to all of the details surrounding the various credit and debit card transactions that take place in their places of business at any time.

4. World class support. To reiterate, we take customer service very seriously. It is not lost on us that the majority of Canadians rank the customer experience over the actual products and services that they’re paying for as a reason to remain loyal to a brand. At Canadian POS Corporation, we’re proud to say that our incomparable customer service practices have earned us long-standing client relationships that continue to grow.

5. Wide array of services. We don’t just provide our clients with POS terminals. We provide an entire gamut of services to allow our clients to grow their businesses successfully. Canadian POS Corporation also provides wireless terminals, virtual terminals, eCommerce, mobile payments and gift cards. Some of our most recent blogs have detailed the many benefits that come with selling gifts cards in your store. Be sure to check them out!

6. We provide upgrades. Do you currently accept Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards at your place of business? Perhaps, you’re already aware of how beneficial is it to accept plastic. If so, we can upgrade you from your current payment provider. You can either apply online at any time via our website or simply call us at 1-877-748-2884. We look forward to providing you with years of great service!

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