6 Reasons To Start Accepting Plastic Today

\"CreditIn recent weeks, we have been blogging quite a bit about the ongoing debate about which of the two cards types are better to use: credit cards or debit cards. Our research has shown that there are many benefits to using both. As a business owner, your opinion should be…who cares?! As long as your customers are given the choice to choose between credit and debit cards, you are doing your job.

There are, however, merchants that still exist that don’t accept either. Not many of them, mind you, but they are out there. For those who are still hesitant to being accepting of plastic, allow us to offer you a few reasons why accepting credit and debit cards is the way for you to go. Readers of our blog may be familiar with some of these ideas, but it never hurts to provide a refresher.

1. Your competition accepts plastic. Want a surefire way to lose customers to your competitors? Keep being a cash only business. Such entities – sorry to tell you – are going the way of the dinosaur and are bound to become extinct. People don’t like walking around with cash on them anymore. Give them both the security in knowing they don’t have to carry cash and the convenience of knowing they can use their cards at your business and they will remain loyal.

2. It adds prestige to your business. By today’s standards, a business that doesn’t accept plastic seems pretty low-brow. You appear “behind the times” and outdated when you insist upon cash only. Furthermore, when you accept credit and debit cards, you put your brand directly in line with the so-called “big boys” that all accept plastic. Accepting cards gives your business the prestige it deserves.

3. Shoppers like options. For the most part, people don’t like being told what to do. So why should the average shopper be told to pay for their purchases with cash? The average shopper won’t like hearing that. Instead, people prefer to be given the choice to make whatever decisions they want about their purchases. That includes what they buy and how they pay for it.

4. It speeds things up. No more counting exact change. No more fumbling through wallets. No more having to dig coins out of your cash register. These are all things of the past when you accept credit and debit. And, as you can imagine, eliminating these practices means that you get more customers through your checkout process in quicker amounts of time.

5. It’s less expensive than you think. For the most part, the biggest opposition that merchants have to accepting plastic is having to pay the fees associated with the entire process. Ask any business owner with a POS terminal. The benefits far outweigh the costs. You will increase your sales, gain new customers and make a lot more customers happy by offering them these payment options.

6. Set up is easy. Canadian POS Corporation can have you set up with a brand new POS terminal in as little as three days. We can also upgrade you if you currently accept plastic with another provider. You’ll find our rates are the best in the business and our customer service can’t be beat. What are you waiting for? Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 today!

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