6 Retailer Security Tips Courtesy Of Interac

\"Depositphotos_29808141_xs\"Canadians love using their debit cards. This is a point we’ve made and provided evidence for in many a blog. And, as you can imagine, the trend continues to grow. As explained in our last blog, Canadian shoppers are increasingly leaning toward using their credit cards and debit cards to pay for their purchases instead of using cash. One of the reasons that they are so popular is because of the added security provided.

It’s important for business owners to be well aware of the security features that plastic payments provide consumers. They encourage people to use the cards, making it easier for retailers to make sales. Interac, in fact, provides a number of tips to retailers to further promote a sense of security among customers. The safer one feels with making a purchase, the more likely he or she will be to make more of them. Here are six retailer security tips.

1. Feel free to provide instructions to customers. Be mindful of the ways in which your customers use your POS terminal. Don’t be afraid to provide a little friendly help when necessary. Interac reminds you to ask your customers to insert (not swipe) their cards if they are chip capable. “Avoiding an unnecessary need to swipe will reduce the potential of your customer\’s card being skimmed,” says the debit card organization.

2. Keep your PIN pads hidden. It’s important to be very respectful of your POS terminal. You don’t want to risk any loss, theft or damage to your machine. Interac insists that you treat the PIN pads like they were cash by keeping them out of sight when they are not in use. As well, be sure to lock them up when your store is closing for the day. Producing your PIN pad only when necessary will ensure that they utilized appropriately.

3. Be mindful of irregularities. Keep in mind that your POS terminals are gateways into your bank account. You need these machines to safely secure your payments, so you want to continue to make sure they are used correctly. Interac suggests that you regularly check your PIN pads and your ABM’s on a consistent basis to look for anything unusual. Protecting your machines from damage will greatly benefit your bottom line.

4. Consider adding surveillance cameras. This is an age-old technique in the security game. But it doesn’t make it any less valuable. Naturally, you won’t be able to keep your eyes on everyone at all times. Installing security cameras will help you to pinpoint perpetrators of wrongdoing. In addition, you may want to employ individuals for a security staff, including plain clothes employees to roam your store grounds.

5. Know your employees. It only makes sense to hire staff members that you can trust. Doing background checks and contacting references are two ways to ensure that you are employing trustworthy people. When you look at it, tour ability to process payments is only as good as the workers you place at your checkouts. Therefore, it’s important to “exercise due diligence when hiring,” insists Interac.

6. Remind your customers to protect their PINs when entering them. This is a popular way for customers to protect their identities. Of course, a PIN code must be punched in to complete a transaction. Customers are often warned not to share their PINs with anyone. Remind them to cover up, if necessary. “If they have chip cards, remind them to take their cards out of the terminal when the transactions are complete,” Interac reminds us.

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