6 (Sarcastic) Reasons To Remain Cash-Only

\"CashAt Canadian POS Corporation, we proudly use our blog to provide our readers with a wealth of information. The internet is rampant with articles about how accepting credit and debit cards help businesses to grow. But what if we were take things from another angle? What if you don’t want your business to grow? What if you’re looking to upset your customers? Here’s our sarcastic look at why you should remain a cash-only business.

1. You like turning away customers. When customers come into your store to browse your items and potentially make purchases, you’re bound to turn a profit. The more customers that come into your store, the better your chances will be at making money, right? If you’d rather make less money, you’ll want to give your customers less reasons to spend their money on you. Not accepting credit and debit will help that.

2. You like dissatisfying customers. Customers love having options. When people are shopping, they truly enjoy not having to be forced into any buying decisions. That also goes for the ways in which they choose to pay. When customers get the option of paying with their credit cards, debit cards or cash, this pleases them. If you’d like to displease them however, tell them that you don’t accept any plastic.

3. You like being behind the times. By today’s standards, customers pretty much expect that you accept credit cards and debit cards. They are wildly popular and are extremely convenient to use. Cash-only businesses are considered “old school” – and not necessarily in a good way. We’re not talking about music here. Most people rarely carry cash with them anymore. If you want to appear outdated, tell your customers you only accept cash.

4. You’re not worried about fraud. Many clients of Canadian POS Corporation have passed on to us stories about how they used to fear getting bogus bills in their stores. Why? Because this used to happen with “surprising frequency”, we’ve been told. The less you encourage your customers to pay with cash, the less chance you have of experiencing fraud through counterfeit bills. That is unless you’re okay with being ripped off.

5. You want to provide less value to your customers. When customers use their credit cards to pay for their purchases, they often do so to take advantage of the many benefits that come with their cards. Travel rewards points are generally the most popular bonuses that come with most credit card spending. If you’d prefer to not add value to your customer’s purchases, don’t bother allowing them to use their credit cards.

6. You don’t want to grow your business. Most business owners across Canada are constantly thinking about ways to grow their businesses. Increasing their customer bases is a big part of their plans so they implement ways to encourage more people to visit their stores. If you’re completely satisfied with the number of customers you receive, then there’s no reason to try to get more of them. Don’t accept plastic. It will help with that.

We hope that you’ve had a little fun with our blog today. Of course, we’re just having a little fun ourselves. As you can tell, it’s much more beneficial for your business if it accepts credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment. And Canadian POS Corporation can help you to do so with ease. Getting set up is easy! For more information, please give us a call by dialing 1-877-748-2884.

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