7 Reasons Our Clients Love Accepting Plastic

\"dinnerMerchants from all across Canada enjoy the benefits that come with accepting credit and debit cards on a daily basis. At Canadian POS Corporation, we take great pride in being able to provide Canadian business owners with top-of-the-line POS terminals so that they can accept such plastic payment options. But what do our clients love the most about accepting credit and debit? We asked them. Here are our seven favourite answers.

1. Convenience. “It makes things so much easier. I like not having to count up as much cash as I used to at the end of each day. People are used to carrying their cards on them, so they just take them out and swipe them and that’s that. It’s a quick way to pay and it doesn’t ask anyone to check for exact change or anything. I like that it gets me my money quickly too.”

2. Quick Access To Money. To reiterate the final point made in that last comment, another one of our clients added that a quick access to his money was a big plus that came with accepting credit and debit. “I don’t have to travel to the bank as often as I used to,” he said, “When people pay with their cards, I know that the money is going to show up in my bank account in the next few days.”

3. Security. “It definitely helps to know that I can worry less about counterfeit cash,” commented one of our long-standing clients, “I’ve been in business for quite a while, so I remember when all people did was pay with cash. It never failed. We’d always find some bogus bills in our stash when we counted up the bills. That’s a problem I haven’t encountered in a long while thanks to the cards.”

4. Rewards. “I know I use my own card to take advantage of rewards points,” another client offered, “So I actually encourage my customers to use their cards by saying things like ‘you’ll be getting a lot of points for this purchase’. I find that people are like me, they like getting more for their money. So I use it to my advantage. Rewards are a great reason to use credit cards to pay for things.”

5. Increased Sales. Many of our clients comment that the best thing about accepting plastic is how many more sales they get because of it. “I would have to say that my sales went up by about 20 to 25 per cent within the first month,” said one of our clients when asked about the benefits of accepting credit and debit cards as payment methods, “More people came into my store just because they could use their cards. It was a great idea.”

6. New Customers. Adding to the point made at the end of the last comment, another client made mention about how much his customer base increased because he began to accept credit and debit cards. “I got a lot more people coming in for sure,” he recalls, “I used to have to turn people away (when I only accepted cash), but when that all stopped, I guess the word spread.”

7. Easy To Set Up. “Working with you guys made it easy,” said one of our newer clients, “You guys set up everything pretty quickly and made me feel at ease about the whole thing. Accepting the cards is actually a lot easier than I thought and your rates are great too!” Would you like to discover just how easy it is to begin accepting plastic with Canadian POS Corporation? Call 1-877-748-2884 today!

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