Accepting Credit Cards Maximizes Holiday Sales

\"SantaCredit card use is certainly not a new phenomenon. And, as you can imagine, credit card use during the holiday season is only growing in popularity. With a variety of reasons for people to be saving their money these days, the holiday season remains one when people spend more than usual. “It’s only once a year,” most will reply when asked why they’re spending more than their normal budget.

“I just put it on my credit card,” is often the follow-up reason as to why people feel they can splurge once a year. If you’re a business owner who accepts credit cards at his or her place of business, you’re well aware of the benefits that credit cards provide you. You’ve given yourself the opportunity to cash in on the significant increase in sales that take place during this time of year.

With Canadian shoppers spending more than they normally would, it stands to reason that many of them will need payment options. Paying things off immediately isn’t always going to be easy. In fact, in most cases, it’s unrealistic. So if your place of business insists upon immediate payment in full (read: cash only), you’re denying your company the ability to service all of its customers.

That’s because you’ll be turning many of them away. Just two Christmas seasons ago, Tavia Grant commented upon this in The Globe and Mail. “In a Christmas season marked by growing economic malaise around the world, Canadians are defiantly fighting back with the best weapon they have: their credit cards,” she wrote. Evidently, credit cards provide Canadian shoppers with much easier shopping experiences.

“It totally makes things easier,” confided a colleague of Canadian POS Corporation last week, “When I know I’m going to have more spending to do, I always put it on my credit card. I usually pay it in full each month, but I like knowing that I don’t have to. I don’t want my family to go without some nice gifts at Christmas. So I just put them on my card and pay them off over time if I need to. Simple as that.”

Are you making it as “simple as that” at your business? Can your customers trust you to provide them with the payment options that allow for their holiday shopping to be much easier experiences? You may be surprised to know how many businesses are still “cash only”. These operations run the risk of losing out on a lot of money by not allowing their customers to pay with plastic.

“I stopped to eat while doing my Christmas shopping and had to switch restaurants,” another colleague of our revealed recently, “It was a small food shop but I still expected to at least be able to use my debit card. Because they didn’t have a machine, I walked out. I didn’t have any cash on me as I prefer to use credit when I’m out shopping. It’s too bad for their business. I’m sure I’m not the only customer they disappointed.”

At Canadian POS Corporation, we provide top-notch POS terminals at the most affordable rates in our industry. Let’s make it so that you’re not losing out on any customers for all of the holiday shopping seasons in your future. To get set up with a new terminal or to begin using one for the first time, simply give us a call by dialing 1-877-748-2884 today!

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