Better Listening Is Bound To Boost Business

\"GirlThis holiday shopping season, you can bet your bottom dollar that customers will be looking for ways to have their shopping experiences made easy. As we’ve been blogging about for the past week or so, this is the time of year when business owners will be experiencing more business than at any other time of the year. With that said, it’s important to do what you can to greatly impress your customers.

It should go without saying that providing your customers with the options to pay with Visa, MasterCard and Interac will go a long way in satisfying them. Canadian shoppers have shown that they much prefer to pay with plastic over cash. This will be especially important during the Christmas rush as many consumers will be looking to spend money on big ticket items.

These items, of course, cost a lot and aren’t generally paid for with cash. Giving your customers the ability to pay with their credit cards will encourage them to purchase from you. It will also go a long way in having your company secure the loyalty of these customers for years to come. As you may be aware, giving your customers the ability to pay with plastic helps to increase your sales.

It can be argued that business owners who do not accept plastic are simply not listening to their customers. And listening, as you likely have heard many times before, is one of the most important elements of a strong relationship. Are you truly listening to your customers? If so, then you likely have your hands on the pulse of your target audience. You know what your clients want and you provide it.

But in addition to offering payment options, there are other ways that you can show your customers that you are listening. On, Bianca Male writes that “listening to your customers can revolutionize your business.” Reaching out is important, she says. Taking customer feedback seriously is a key step in making your business better. And there is a number of ways to do that.

Surveys. This “classic” way of gathering information can pay dividends. They serve two very important purposes, says Male. The first is to identify what you’re doing right. Figuring out how pleasurable you’ve made your customer experiences and how to build on that is very beneficial. However, the second purpose – to identify what you’re doing wrong – can be even more beneficial.

Ask questions that will help you to determine how to make your customers have even better experiences the next times they visit you. Discover what the most positive and negative elements are to each and every visit. Clearly, the more you work on improving the positives and eliminating the negatives, the better. This holiday shopping season will provide you with many opportunities to figure it all out.

In our next blog, we’ll continue to review Male’s list of ways to listen to your customers. Doing so is bound to boost your business by gaining a loyal customer base that you can depend on well into the future. At Canadian POS Corporation, we have listened to our clients and as a result, provide top-notch POS terminals at affordable rates. For more information, please call us up at 1-877-748-2884.

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