Canada Becoming A Plastic-Only Society?

\"NoSomething quite interesting has come to our attention in the world of plastic acceptance recently. Now, readers of the Canadian POS Corporation Blog are very likely aware of the fact that evidence shows that Canada is becoming a “cashless society”. We’re a nation of people who’d much prefer to pull out our credit and debit cards to pay for purchases than cash. And the reasons are seemingly endless.

There are, however, some merchants that still hold true to the whole “cash only” line of thinking. However, this train of thought is going the way of the dinosaur. And that’s because many merchants are losing customers due to the fact credit and debit cards are not being accepted. But have you ever heard of a “plastic only” business? An associate of ours couldn’t wait to tell us about his recent experience with one.

“My wife and I went to the mall to do some shopping for our four month old,” he informed us, “We were searching for some warmer clothing for the upcoming winter and figured it would be a good idea to get some early. You can never tell with this Canadian weather. Either way, we went to a few stores and finally found a bunting bag at Mexx Kids. It was the only one we could find, so we decided to go with that.”

“My wife and I decided to split the cost of the item so I pulled out my credit card to pay at the register,” he continued, “My wife was going to pay with her debit card, but couldn’t find it, so she pulled out some cash. ‘We don’t take cash here,’ the girl behind the counter said. We were both pretty surprised. Pleasantly, I might add. I told her that was the first I had ever heard of a store that only accepted plastic.”

“She mentioned that her store was the only one that she knew of as well. I asked her what she thought of it and she said she much preferred it. ‘I don’t have to touch anything,’ she mentioned, ‘It’s so much easier when you don’t have to count any cash. There’s no variance at the end of the day. I just let the customers punch in their PINs and money never goes through my hands at all. I feel much more secure about it.’”

Evidently, the reasons for accepting credit and debit cards keep mounting. Our colleague has experienced something that many more Canadians just may experience for themselves in the coming years. Accepting plastic, it should be reiterated, is more convenient for both customers and retail employees alike. It certainly seems to make things a lot easier in terms of getting the transactions done a lot more efficiently.

“I couldn’t help but share this story with you guys,” our colleague exclaimed, “It’s getting to the point when Canadians won’t even need to carry cash on them anymore because all these stores are taking to just using their machines to process their transactions. I got to say that I find it much easier myself to put all of my charges on one bill and not worry about how much cash I need to have every time I go out.”

Now, we’re not saying that it’s time to turn your business into a “plastic only” enterprise. But it’s definitely time to provide both your customers and employees with the conveniences that come with being plastic-friendly. Whether you’d like to begin accepting plastic for the first time or switch from your current provider, Canadian POS Corporation can have you all set up within three days! Simply give us a call at 1-877-748-2884.

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