Canadians Love To Shop Online

\"how-online-shopping-02\"Your customers are savvy people. They know that browsing, these days, doesn’t necessarily mean walking into your store. Quite often, shoppers will browse online, opting to check out your company website before making the decision to visit you in person. Furthermore, many customers actually take it one step further by shopping online.

That’s right. People now shop from the comfort of their own homes, simply by making their purchases on the internet. And you know what they use to pay for their purchases, right? Credit cards! Merchants that accept credit cards as methods of payment enjoy a much greater rate of success. When you give your customers the option of paying with plastic, it means never having to turn away their business again.

In addition, it gives you the option of allowing your customers to make purchases via your website. And, believe it or not, if you’re not allowing for such an option, you’re missing out on quite a lot of sales. According to Canada Post, “Canadians are online all the time”. And apparently, Canadians spend more time online than anyone else in the world!

On the Canada Post website, it is stated that Canadians spend an average of 45.6 hours per month using the internet. From watching videos to posting pictures on their social media profiles, there’s seemingly no end to what one can do on the worldwide web. So, obviously, shopping is high up on the list of “things to do online”. Canada Post reports that Canadians spent upwards of $18.5 billion on retail commerce in 2011.

More than half of Canada’s internet users made online purchases the year before. These finding, based on a Statistics Canada study, unveil an extremely important trend in our country. The internet has taken over! And, as a result, it has taken over the way that Canadians shop. Clearly, shoppers cannot pay with cash online. Ironically, accepting plastic is necessary to “cash in” on this trend.

On average, Canadians spent $1,362 each on online purchases in 2010. This trend, as you may have noticed, is only getting more popular. In fact, it was noticeable nearly a decade ago. “Canadian online sales have recorded a fourth consecutive double digit growth year in 2005,” reported One can only imagine how much will be sold through online shopping in future.

To reiterate, accepting credit cards is part of this growing phenomenon. Whether you already accept plastic or would like to begin accepting plastic, it’s important to work with a payment processor you can trust. Top-notch service and high quality equipment is paramount. At Canadian POS Corporation, you will be receiving both. And we can have you set up within three days! Simply call us up at 1-877-748-2884.

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