Canadians Prefer Paying With Plastic

\"creditcards\"Canada is known for many things. We love our hockey. We’re fond of beer. Our winters are cold. And…did we mention how much we love hockey? Something you may not necessarily realize about Canadian culture, however, is how much it has taken to using credit and debit cards. Shoppers all across the Great White North are helping to make this great country one that is remarkably “cashless”.

Working with business owners from all over Canada has helped us, here at Canadian POS Corporation, to realize that consumers in our nation much prefer to pay with plastic. And there are several reasons. Our clients have made clear that without the ability to accept Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards through their POS terminals, much business would be lost.

It increases your revenue. The more payment options your customers have, the more customers you will have. This has been proven time and time again. Our newest clients regularly report an immediate increase in sales after connecting their POS terminals. Especially considering that many Canadians are going “cashless”, you will be able to encourage people to make purchases that they may otherwise not have been able to pay for.

It levels the playing field. Chances are, your competition is accepting Visa, MasterCard and Interac as methods of payment. That means that people in your target market are being given worthwhile options elsewhere. Don’t lose out on these potential buyers. Setting up a POS terminal at your store means that you are opening your company up to new customers.

It gives your customers more than what they pay for. One of the top reasons that Canadian shoppers love using credit and debit cards so much is that it gives them the ability to get more than just their purchases. Most credit cards offer point programs that allow customers to earn rewards. When your company accepts a customer’s credit card, it helps him or her to gain greater value from the purchase.

It speeds things up. Don’t you hate waiting in line behind that customer who ever-so-slowly has to count exact change in order to pay for his or her items? Cash and coin counting is so outdated and unnecessary. You’ll be able to speed up the amount of time that your customers have to wait in line once you accept credit and debit payments. There’s no need to worry about counting the change you may have to give back as well.

It is so easy to get set up. Canadian POS Corporation can get you approved within 24 hours and can often have your POS terminal all set up within three days! We provide our clients with top-notch POS terminals and ensure that they receive only the best customer service. All of this is offered at the most affordable rates in our industry as well! We can also upgrade those who may already accept credit and debit.

Canadian POS Corporation helps for Canadian business owners to get in on the action. And that action, of course, is increased sales and a growing customer base thanks to the ability to offer shoppers their favourite payment options. All across Canada, consumers enjoy using their credit and debit cards for the convenience and the many other benefits they bring. Let’s get you accepting them today! Give us a call at 1-877-748-2884.

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