Credit Cards Are Part Of The Canadian Way

\"image_gallery\"Value. At the end of the day, this is all Canadians want when they spend their money. Is your company providing value to its shoppers? Chances are, you sell quality products and services. But how are your customers paying for them? If you allow for them to use their credit and debit cards to pay for their purchases, then you are adding value to the shopping experience.

Canadians, you see, are savvy shoppers. They look for deals and they find them. They seek out the best available products and services at the best possible prices and spend their money wherever that is offered. It’s important, of course, that your company is one that fits this mold. Canadians love to shop. You’re a Canadian business owner. So it’s a match made in heaven, right?

Well, that would all depend on whether or not you are meeting the needs of the average Canadian shopper. Metro News recently reported on the top trends in consumer spending in Canada. Canadian business owners should take great interest in knowing what makes shoppers in our great nation tick. It’s not just great products, but it’s great service too. And let’s not forget about convenience.

Metro News reveals that Canadians know how to take advantage of their credit card companies. This is because most credit cards provide opportunities for customers to earn points through everyday purchases. It’s important to reiterate that when you accept Visa, MasterCard and Interac at your place of business, you are automatically adding value to your customers’ purchases.

Naturally, credit cards also provide shoppers with payment options. They can either pay their bills off in full or they can make payments over time. This provides some payment flexibility for your customers who made need some extra time to pay for the purchases they make in your store. Once again, your acceptance of plastic adds value to the shopping experience in more ways than one.

“I prefer using credit cards myself,” revealed one of our clients earlier this week, “Every time I use my card, I get points. So the way I figure it, why wouldn’t I allow my customers to do the same thing? It just makes things easier as well. I don’t really like carrying cash around with me. I feel safer knowing that I just have to have my card in order to pay for anything I need.”

And while we’re a long way off from Christmas, it’s never a bad time to remember the way that Canadians shop during the holiday season. The Huffington Post Canada reminds us that half of the country makes their holiday purchases online. At least this is what eBay Canada has found in recent years. Last year, the company’s country manager, Andrea Stairs commented on this.

“Canadians, like shoppers around the world, are increasingly looking to their mobile devices to solve their holiday dilemmas,” she said. And you know what that means! The majority of these online shoppers are using credit cards to pay for their purchases. It’s hard to argue that to be competitive in the Canadian marketplace, a business literally needs to accept plastic.

For assistance on upgrading or setting up your first POS terminal to accept plastic, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884.

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