Credit Cards Are Preferred Payment Method For Travellers

\"Depositphotos_37406513_xs-300x200\"With the summer season officially kicking off tomorrow (finally, right?), business owners everywhere will be given a brand new opportunity to open their doors to new customers. Firstly, with the weather being warm and sunny, a lot more people will be encouraged to come outdoors. That means that you have the opportunity to welcome a lot more people through the doors of your business!

Secondly, a lot more people will be travelling during the summer. And yes, while this means that many Canadians will be on vacation, it also means that many people may be visiting your city from out-of-town. It’s important to be as inviting as possible to these out-of-towners. And one surefire way to do that is to show them that you accept credit cards. You’re likely aware of the main reason why. No one wants to lose their money.

When travelling, people don’t tend to want to walk with a lot of cash. And that’s because if cash gets lost, your vacation is pretty much over. Instead, people choose to use their credit cards while travelling. If their credit cards get lost, simple phone calls to the credit card companies will have the cards cancelled and replaced. On, a blogger known as Daisy writes that credit cards are the recommended method of payment by the Government of Canada.

While travelling, she notes, credit cards are especially convenient ways to pay for big purchases like hotels, flights, car rentals and tours. As well, “credit cards are widely accepted,” says Daisy, “especially if you are travelling to a larger city.” She does, however, recommend having some small bills on hand so that you may tip servers at restaurants as well as other workers in your hotel and in the transportation industry.

Consider the convenience you provide your customers when you offer them the option of paying with their credit cards. You’ll want as many travellers to visit you this summer as possible. After all, welcoming out-of-towners is an excellent way to boost sales throughout the summer months. Cash-only businesses suffer by not allowing their would-be visitors to pay with their preferred method of payment.

“I tend to only travel with credit cards,” commented one of our clients prior to taking a trip this month, “It makes life very easy. I know that all of my expenses will appear on one bill and I don’t have to worry about losing my money if it gets stolen or lost or something. I appreciate merchants who accept my card. I know, for sure, that I wouldn’t shop there if they didn’t. That’s why I make sure to give my customers the same benefit.”

Let your customers know that you accept all major credit cards by posting a sign in your store this summer. You may also want to ensure that the major credit card logos are visible outside the front entrance of your place of business. They serve as welcome mats to those who may not know whether you accept credit cards or not. One thing is for sure though – travellers want the credit card option!

Are you accepting credit cards at your place of business? If not, the time to contact Canadian POS Corporation is now. Don’t let the summer go by without offering visitors to your town the ability to shop at your store. We can have you all set up with a brand new POS terminal within three days. And you may just be surprised to find out how affordable our rates are! Call us at 1-877-748-2884.

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