Detailing The Benefits Of The Ingenico Telium2 iWL220B

\"img-iwl220-1\"In our last blog, we discussed the popularity of patio season in Canada and how much Canadians look forward to eating outside when the summertime comes. And can you blame us? With most winters being so dreadfully long and cold, it only makes sense for most of us to want to spend as much time in the warm weather as possible. Canadian POS Corporation’s Pay At Table solution allows for patio season to be all the more enjoyable for restaurant owners.

Yesterday, we intimated that bringing the POS terminal directly to the outdoor table makes paying for meals so much easier for customers. Not to mention, it allows for a greater sense of security since no customers are expected to give up their cards to their servers. Instead, a quick punching in of a PIN code is all that is necessary to complete any credit card or debit card transaction.

As you have already learned, Canadian POS Corporation offers the Ingenico Telium2 iWL220B as a Pay At Table solution. It is ideal, not just for restaurants with patios, but also for spas, salons and any other “non-counter customer present” environment. This awesome short-range wireless payment terminal incorporates secure Bluetooth technology that allows for connectivity up to 200 meters from the communications base.

With the Ingenico Telium2 iWL220B, restaurant servers can literally travel anywhere on the premises of their establishments to accept payments. Gone are the days when they had to take the credit cards of their customers, walk to the Countertop terminals in other locations of the restaurants, process the payments and then walk back to the tables with the receipts in order to get them signed. It’s a long and unnecessary process by today’s standards.

As you may have guessed, you won’t have to worry about keeping your Pay At Table terminal constantly plugged into the wall. After all, that would defeat its purpose! It comes with a removable, long-life Lithium Ion battery that provides up to five hours or 650 transactions per charge. This generally provides restaurant servers enough power to cover their complete shifts. It certainly makes their jobs much easier.

With the Ingenico Telium2 iWL220B, an onscreen battery indicator informs users of how much battery time is left. So there is never a surprise shutdown of any kind. The terminal also comes with a “charge only” base that offers a cradle for storage so that it always remains charged. The communication base supports both IP and dial communications, although the IP communication eliminates the costs that are associated with dedicated phone lines.

Dial communications, however, can be used as back-up, if necessary. Multiple terminals can be supported through just a single Ingenico Telium2 iWL220B communications base so that both hardware and communications expenses can be minimized. Each terminal has a backlit keypad and display to ensure clear visibility and usability. That way, even in dimly lit environments, they are still very easy to use.

Finally, our Pay At Table terminals feature quiet, fast and easy loading through built-in thermal printers that eliminate paper jams. Receipts can be printed in either English or French. Patio season is upon us! Don’t let your restaurant go the summer without the perfect Pay At Table solution. For more information on how to order the Ingenico Telium2 iWL220B, contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884!

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