Finding Ways To Truly Impress Your Customers


In 2017 (soon to be 2018!), consumers expect a lot more than the products they leave your store with. They want to feel appreciated and valued. They want to be given reasons to come back to your store that are greater than the fact that you sell worthwhile goods. In today’s world, developing strong customer relationships is important. Great customer experiences are what truly impress customers, these days.

So what can you do to truly impress your customers?

Actually try to get to know them.

There’s a big difference between being a nameless face in a store and being greeted by your first name when you enter a place of business. What type of experience does your business provide its customers? A simple “hello” and a quick question about one’s day is an easy go-to conversation starter that can potentially forge a long-lasting relationship.

On, Jason Brick insists that business owners make “real small talk” with their customers. He notes that it’s important to engage with clients to find out what is happening in their lives. “This is all part of showing customers that you view them as actual people, which is a disappointingly rare thing when dealing with businesses today,” writes Brick, “Some of your clients won\’t want to make small talk—and the same responsive listening will let your people identify them and move straight on to business.”

Surprise them in ways other businesses won’t.

Going above and beyond the call of duty is a great way to separate your brand from all of its competitors. And when you surprise your customers with special and exclusive perks, your customers won’t forget it. On, Sawaram Suthar reveals that a Forrester study found that 76 percent of consumers regard customer service as a test of their value to a brand. Therefore, all businesses should make efforts to provide customer service that sets them apart.

“Try to surprise your clients by giving them some special offers, discounts or by providing any additional service,” Suthar suggests, “Dissatisfied or loyal customers can be given some additional perks to please them. Special gifts, discounts or vouchers can be given to them during the festivals or during their special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. This helps in creating long lasting impression as they feel as they are given personal attention.”

Offer them the payment options they want.

Did we mention that it’s 2017 (almost 2018!)? Today, people expect to be able to pay for their purchases with their credit cards and debit cards. Gone are the days when cash was king. Modern day consumers expect to be able to pull out the piece of plastic of their choice in order to complete their transactions. Cash-only businesses are considered archaic and unable to meet the needs of shoppers in today’s world.

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