Gift Cards Top Men’s Valentine’s Day Wishes

\"GiftValentine’s Day is coming up this Saturday. And while most people regard the day as one when girlfriends and wives will be adorned with lavish gifts, meals and physical signs of affection, it should be noted that guys deserve a little attention from their significant others as well. After all, it’s widely known that men usually aren’t all that difficult to please.

In fact, many of our closest colleagues, here at Canadian POS Corporation, admitted that they’d love nothing more than to plop down in front of the TV to watch the NBA’s All-Star festivities this coming weekend. And while they’re only half-joking, we thought it would be wise to take this opportunity to remind the ladies about a special way to help the men in your lives enjoy their Valentine’s Days.

As Megan Willett and Lauren Browning point out on, “Valentine\’s Day is fast approaching, and men deserve gifts that show how much they\’re loved just as much as women do.” The ladies admit to asking their male co-workers, fathers and friends about what Valentine’s Day gifts they would like the most. And while acknowledging that “a lot of the suggestions were extremely practical”, there was one in particular that caught our eyes.

How about giving the man in your life a gift card? While some people consider gift cards impersonal and thoughtless, most guys think the complete opposite. They love the idea of being able to get whatever they like with their cards. Getting gift cards avoids receiving the wrong size, colour, brand or even gift, in general. Gift cards are especially great for food lovers. And which guy isn’t a food lover?

“It doesn\’t have to be on Valentine\’s Day, but treating the steak lover in your life to the perfect, juicy cut at a nice restaurant is a delicious way to show how much you care,” says Willett and Browning, “And one of our video producers suggests that if you\’re not much of a meat eater yourself, you can always get him a gift card to his favourite place so he can go with his friends (or by himself — no judgement).”

“I would love to get a gift card from my wife,” one of our colleagues informed us, “There’s a bunch of places it could come from, it wouldn’t matter. It would save me the hassle of pretending that I like something that I don’t. Which is what usually happens. A gift card to my favourite restaurant would be perfect, but any gift card that lets me buy something I actually want is the best gift I can get.”

Do you sell gift cards at your place of business? If not, you’re sure to miss out on the Valentine’s Day buying spree that will be taking place all this week. Naturally, there may be a lot of men picking up gift cards for their significant others, as well as women. And if your store has gifts for either gender, you’ll be losing out if gift cards aren’t available. It’s time for you to order gift cards for your business!

Give Canadian POS Corporation a call at 1-877-748-2884. For many years, our gift cards have proven to encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales. As well, our gift cards will help to increase the overall perception of your store. Businesses that allow their customers the option of buying gift cards are often regarded as major players in their respective industries. Let’s boost your sales with gift cards today!

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