Give Your Business The Gift Of Gift Cards

\"Gift_Card_girl\"The holiday season is coming! Yes, we’ve only just started October. And there is Thanksgiving and Halloween to think about before the Christmas season comes rolling along next month. But believe it or not, the time to start thinking about increasing your sales this holiday season starts now. And there’s a surefire way that you can boost sales this year.

It’s all about gift cards! “Branded gift cards have proven to be a boon to big retail and restaurant chains, generating sales and bringing in new customers,” reads the NCR Retail Blog, “But small businesses typically miss out on capturing the benefits of using this marketing tool because of cost and technology constraints.” And why should they? Gift cards are proven to help business increase their profit margins.

Especially during the upcoming season which is all about gift-giving, gift cards help customers make easy, go-to decisions. As NCR points out, the National Retail Federation found that “61% of gift card recipients spent more than the value of the cards, with the average gift card recipient spending an additional $29 over the value of the card.”

So not only do you increase the number of customers you’ll end up getting by selling the cards, but you’ll end up increasing the amount that is being spent in your store. Many small business owners concern themselves with the costs involved in getting started with new programs. Installing a POS terminal to accept credit and debit cards, for example, bring about worry for some entrepreneurs.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we’re only too happy to reveal that we offer business owners across Canada the opportunity to accept plastic at the most affordable rates in our industry. By doing so, business owners also afford themselves the chances to sell branded gift cards to their customers. POS technology, as you might have guessed, is needed to utilize gift cards.

As NCR points out, “as cloud-based and mobile POS systems become more affordable for small businesses, the world of gift-card programs is opening up for small business owners.” No business owner should be left out of the holiday rush. If you have goods and services that people want, you shouldn’t have to turn away the opportunity to turn those goods and services into gifts.

The more gift cards you sell, the more gifts you are giving your clients. More importantly, the more gifts cards you sell, the more gifts you are giving yourself! These gifts come in the way of new customers who may not have otherwise heard of you had it not been for the gift cards they received. It’s unquestionable that gifts cards will boost your business.

According to Christian Nahas who is the Vice President and General Manager of the NCR small business group, “Offering gift cards gives small business owners the power to easily build their business.” To begin offering your customers gift cards today, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884.

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