Give Your Customers The Gift Of Plastic Acceptance

\"handIn our last blog, we revealed a comment made to Canadian POS Corporation by one of our colleagues. Speaking from the customer’s perspective, our associate detailed his recent Christmas shopping experience only to highlight his disappoint in a certain restaurant’s refusal to accept his credit card. As hungry as he could be after a long day of shopping, this discovery was met with quite a bit of aggravation.

Plastic Provides Convenience. “I doubt I’ll be going back there,” he said, “The chances of me having the right amount of cash to buy from them is slim. It’s annoying that they don’t accept plastic yet. It feels archaic. What kind of operation denies its customers service because it can’t accept credit cards and debit cards? Not a good one, I’ll tell you that. They lost my business. I’m sure it’s not the first time that’s happened to them.”

The impression of being an “archaic” business should be all that a business owner needs to give up the old “we only accept cash” routine. These days, consumers are walking around with their credit and debit cards far more than they are with cash. Especially during the holiday shopping season when people are spending a lot more than usual, shoppers are less likely to be carrying around cash in large amounts.

Plastic Is Replaceable. “One of the main reasons I don’t carry cash on me is because I would need so much of it to do the shopping I need to do,” our friend revealed, “It’s not safe to walk around with that much cash. You know how many people are out there in the malls? You never know what could happen. I feel much safer carrying a card that, if I lose it, I can get it replaced. Once cash is gone, it’s gone.”

When you accept credit and debit cards, you give your customers peace of mind. It makes it a lot easier on shoppers who are doing a great deal of spending to not have to carry any cash on their persons. As well, credit cards make it easy to track spending as all purchases ended up coming on one bill. This is a point that we also touched upon in our last blog. Our friend commented on this as well.

Plastic Places Charges On One Bill. “I get one bill and I make one payment,” he rationalized, “It makes life easy. When places expect me to pay in cash, it forces me to separate some of my spending. When it comes time to tally up how much I’ve spent Christmas shopping, I tend to forget the transactions that don’t show up on my credit card bill. It’s just easier to pay for everything on one card. That’s how I like it.”

Our colleague is not alone in his thinking. Canadian consumers have been proving that they prefer to pay with credit and debit cards for years now. Canada, in fact, is known as one of the world’s heaviest users of plastic. And the reasons, as you may be able to tell, are many. Are you providing your customers with what they want? Giving them payment options is a gift not just to them, but to you too.

This gift, you should know, provides you with many benefits. As you can tell, you won’t have to turn away customers anymore, and this ensures that you increase your sales over time. It also provides legitimacy to your business. No more “archaic” asking for cash because you don’t have a machine. Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to get your top-of-the-line POS terminal. You’ll be glad you did!

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