Go Wireless At Your Restaurant

\"iWL250In yesterday’s blog, we discussed the importance of getting your business equipped with a wireless terminal. As mentioned, at Canadian POS Corporation, we provide our clients with great machines that are part of the Ingenico Telium2 product line. They have allowed for increased convenience, quicker transaction times and better customer satisfaction.

We also mentioned how important the use of wireless terminals is in the food industry. Restaurateurs, most specifically, have found that they are able to actually service more patrons as they are able to clear tables quicker. Using wireless terminals in restaurants means no longer having to take credit cards from customers. This deletes a couple of old steps in the process.

Quicker Turnovers. The server would have to provide the bill to the customer. The customer would have to place his or her credit card in the bill. The server would take the bill and the card back to the traditional POS machine. The server would return with a new bill with a space for the customer to sign and leave a tip. What’s with all of those steps? Wireless terminals make things so much easier.

Today, the server simply brings the bill to the table along with the wireless terminal. The customer sticks his or her card into the terminal, presses a few buttons to accept the charge and add the tip, and that’s it! A receipt is printed out right at the table and the customer is on his or her way. Imagine how much quicker and easier things would be with a wireless terminal in your restaurant.

Privacy. Consider that wireless terminals also allow for more privacy. Sometimes, people enjoy the comfort of a restaurant as it allows them to relax. There are restaurants, however, that request their patrons to leave their seats to visit a cashier in another location within the establishment. This is not only inconvenient, but it enforces a lack of privacy that some people enjoy.

Easier Deliveries. The food industry can also benefit from wireless terminals if they deliver. Have you ordered a pizza recently? Many pizza delivery services are utilizing wireless terminals to make lives easier for their customers. Now, when food is delivered to a customer’s door, he or she can push a credit card right into a wireless terminal to complete the payment process for the meal.

No longer do people have to sign slips of paper. Give your customers the convenience of pressing a few buttons and not having to provide their credit card information over the phone while placing their orders. Doing so often leads to worry about fraudulent charges being placed on the account. After all, we’re always told not to give out our credit card information. So why ask our customers for it on the phone?

No More Postponed Billing. If your delivery person doesn’t have a wireless terminal, you will have to wait for that person to return to your place of business to put through the transaction. Depending on the number of deliveries, this could take all day. Your wireless terminal allows you to be paid in real time. It’s time to get your wireless terminal. Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to get set up within three days!

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