Happy Canada Day From Everyone At Canadian POS!


Happy Canada Day everyone! Yes, we know that Canada Day doesn’t officially arrive until July 1st. But since Canadian POS will be closed in order to celebrate our nation’s birthday this Monday, we thought we’d get the jump start on sending out our well wishes to all of our readers, customers, colleagues and friends! After all, the Canada Day long weekend begins tonight!

Here’s hoping you’ve made some plans to spend a joyous and relaxing weekend with your loved ones. No matter how you choose to celebrate Canada Day, you certainly have a lot to celebrate. The way we see it, we couldn’t be more fortunate to live in what we believe is the best nation on Earth. You might have been able to tell that we’re pretty proud Canadians, given the name of our company. But we’re certainly not the only Canadians to be proud of our country!

Canada has given the world many wonders.

On Bramptonist.com, Nikita Brown lists the various inventions that Canadians have given the world. Among them are ski-doos, jet-skis, velcro, zippers, insulin, penicillin, zambonis, the telephone and short wave radios. We’d humbly like to add basketball to that list. In 1891, Almonte, Ontario-born James Naismith invented the game of basketball and wrote the original basketball rule book.

Of course, we all know who the current NBA Champions are! As if we needed any more reasons to be proud of being Canadian, the Toronto Raptors captured Canada’s first-ever NBA Championship on June 13th! They knocked out the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, sparking a nationwide party.

Brown, however, goes on to mention some of Canada’s other great attributes. They include its multiculturalism and its national life expectancy. “Canadians born today will live an average of three years longer than Americans (81 years in Canada versus 78.7 south of the border),” she informs, “Not only that, the gap between life expectancy in the two countries is widening with each passing decade—it was less than a year in the late 1970s.”

We don’t want to gloss over the multiculturalism point.

Especially in Canada’s larger cities like Toronto, where Canadian POS has offices, you get the benefit of living and working with people from all walks of life. On his I Backpack Canada blog, Corbin Fraser details how, in school, he learned the difference between America’s “melting pot” and Canada’s “cultural mosaic”.

“I remember being taught by a teacher at a young age one of the key differences between Canada and America,” he recalls, “She preached that America was a melting pot, where languages and cultures are encouraged to assimilate and become ‘Americans’. Canada, on the other hand, is a mosaic of cultures. While each person becomes a Canadian, they are still encouraged to maintain ties with their mother land. They’re encouraged to hang on to their familial ties, keep their traditions and culture, and ultimately enjoy the freedom in Canada.”

One more time, before the weekend begins, allow us to yell this out, loud and proud: Happy Canada Day everyone!

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